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VGAME.IO is a kind of globally multi-chain aggregation block chain game platform and the development team is hatched by Xiaoao Games. The core members of the team have been worked in the game industry for more than 15 years, whom not only have professional technical development capability, but also have unique understanding about the game arithmetic, block chain underline application development knowledge, token economic structure design capability etc!

Them team very well integrated the game and block chain industry resources which not only includes globally game developers and publishers, globally block chain publish chain developers, block chain game developers, media, famous self-media but also famous block chain communities. With the above mentioned industry resources accumulation, we definitely believe that we can build a decentralized globally block chain aggregation block chain platform promptly.

Our vision: We would like to build a high quality block chain game platform with massive users all over the world and serve well for all community co-founders in the platform.

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