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100% operating on renewable energy.
ETHernitymining will only use 100% renewable off grid power resources or
on grid power that is backed for 90% by renewable resources.

Our core facility will be an on grid facility in South Africa. 91% of this
facilities energy is provided by renewable sources.

We have a team of local prospects worldwide to find opportunities for
new facility setups. We have solutions for every setup. Large scale setups,
small setups. We can fully customize our facility according to the location

Beside deploying facilities directly at the green energy plants we also have our 'Rent your source' concept. There are plenty of households and companies providing themselves with their own renewable energy source.

=> Households and companies generate more power than necessary.
Depending on their location they can deliver their 'extra' energy generated to the local on grid network and receive a 0.03$-0.04$. We will offer our customers 20% more than what the on grid provider is offering.

=> Households and companies use less energy than necessary to receive their 'green certificate' and attached bonus.
In some occasions their monthly usage of renewable energy is to low to receive their certificate and bonus. We offer
those customers power usage. We will install a rig that will use the power necessary to qualify them for their 'green certificate and governmental bonus. On top of that we will pay the customer the amount he would receive from the on
grid provider for distributing to the network

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