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Too many people just tell that they know everything better!
But what do people know exactly???
Today people can't go to work that they don't like, especially if they do it for 30-40 years.
That is why more and more people are already thinking about finding suitable sources of passive income at a young age.
This is not taught at school, but it should be.
What can make creativity develop better?
than the absence of the need to work for survival.
Take your DANGER in your hands!
Today you have a great opportunity to improve your assets!

Section 1!
You have possibility to access after free registration your bonus of 750 THWG TOKEN.
Section 2!
You have the possibility to continue your work and generate tokens in the TV channel section.
Section 3!
You have the possibility in the VIDEO area - to continue your work and generate tokens.
Section 4!
You have the possibility in area BOUNTY - continue your work and generate tokens.
Section 5!
You have the possibility to buy additional tokens in ICO - PHASE 3 and get a bonus of 20%.
We will add many more areas so that our partners will get even more opportunity to generate more tokens and improve their assets.

First you go to BOUNTY and confirm your registration to get a registration bonus of 750 tokens!

You can activate your profiles for video area "when you make first purchase in area ICO!
Select your desired post.
Pay with BTC or other currencies.
You get + 20% on your deposit.

In the BOUNTY area you have the possibility to obtain your tokens in various social networks by going through and handling Exactly Points BOUNTY.

In the VIDEO area

Go to point VIDEO and click on the green button in the upper left corner!
Open New Window where you should log in again!
With your data.
Then the video area will open and you can start video marriages and when you start video "you will see exactly how time runs and you will get your tokens after time runs out!
If we want to inform you that as long as you have made your First ICO purchase, your tokens will only be collected in the video area and only after First ICO purchase (activation of your profiles).

So you get:

750 Token for registration!
More and more tokens in the BOUNTY area
You get from now on with your purchase in ICO + 20% on your amount!
You get more tokens in the video area (after activation then in Backoffice )
You get from your 1 level 8% purchase bonus from your partners
You still get 8% in BOUNTY Bonus

Our vision is simply to give all people the possibility to make their dreams come true with our THWGLOBALCOIN from home or from vacation or on the way money!

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