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Shana Story

Shana's Story


Hello. AMy name is Shana Story. I am a 48 year old blessed mother of 3 amazing children and a grand mother if 3 amazing children.
I have faced many of life's trials in my lifetime including loosing my mother at the age of 7 due to an accident that was caused by me.
I grew up with a single wonderful alcoholic father whom recovered from alcoholism 25 years before he passed away. I have had so much trauma in my life time but I still overcome those obstacles every day and refuse to let my past define my future.
I am a single mom whom worked for Washington Federal Savings.
I too am an recovering alcoholic addict.
I love God with all my heart and I just got out of a horribly abusive relationship with a man I planned on marrying. I struggle with depression but I push myself to make the very best out of my life and I lwill NOT stop persuing my life dream....Being the best grandmother I can be, the best worker I can be, friend and mom.
My whole family has past away except my children and brother and 3 cousins.
I love helping people and I want to spend the rest of my life learning, growing , and being here for my grand children.
I have made alot of mistakes in life but those mistakes do not define me.
I am a go getter and I recently accepted a managing job at a small restraunt and I will put 100 percent of myself into marketing and doing all I can to make this business grow.
My dear friend, Mr. Davis told me about XY Network last night as he has purchased stock from your company.
I cannot stop reading and researching about the amazing things that crypto econimoics will provide for our country.
I look forward to what the future holds in store not only for me and my children and grandchildren children but for all of the people who vest in your company and people around the world.
I am a very ikd fashioned woman who never had any interest in learning about computers, new wave technology until my friend explained crypto currency and XY Network.
I look forward to the future for once and want to thank y'all for bringing me back to the life we live in and not not the life of not wanting to be a part of this world's new age technology.
I have great plans for the future and I will give this world all I have to help others.
Thanks and God bless,
Shana Story Fletcher

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