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Stellar Wallet & SDEX

The easiest and safest way to store, issue, exchange and invest cryptocurrency assets. Built on Stellar.

Scopuly is part of a fast-growing blockchain ecosystem.

Secure decentralized crypto platform for the cryptocurrency era. Here, people can safely store, attract, spend, issue and exchange cryptocurrency assets.

In Scopuly, all transactions are carried out directly between the participants - in the Stellar blockchain. Scopuly does not depend on the central server or database and all transactions (transfer transactions, trading, issuing cryptoactive assets, etc.) are performed directly in the Stellar blockchain. Even if the Scopuly server for some reason turns out to be unavailable for a while, all operations of sending and exchanging crypto assets will still work as usual.

Scopuly's mission is to provide a reliable platform for storing, calculating, trading and generating new cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technologies and smart contracts.
With the Scopuly platform, easy access to funds can be provided for people in all over the world, and especially for people in regions with an underdeveloped banking system. The vision of the Scopuly team is to contribute to the creation of an open ecosystem for monetary transactions, which will be a viable alternative to the basic functions of the existing banking system.

According to the World Bank's Global Integration Database, there are currently 2.5 billion people on Earth who do not have access to official financial services, tools and services.

Scopuly solves such problems as costly money transfer systems, the complexity and insecurity of trading digital assets, issuing and bringing digital assets to the decentralized DEX market for trading, launching and participating in IEO projects, achieving covered banking inability to invest or spend money around the world and recognize that blockchain technology is a great way to reach out and incorporate the maximum number of people and systems around the world into a new digital economy, whether they are participating in aditsionnoy economy or the new digital economy of the future.

All transactions in Scopuly are carried out in real time directly on the Stellar blockchain. Thanks to the Stellar distributed network, the account cannot be blocked by a third party. Only the user and no third party is involved in the transaction. Scopuly has a high level of security with encryption and local storage of secret keys in an encrypted form. On the platform, only the user is the full manager of their finances without trusting them to a third party. The user controls his own secret keys and assets.

* Scopuly breaks down barriers to personal finance with products designed for both investment newbies and experts.

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