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My L-pesa Group Vision and Why we are offering an Initial Coin Offer.

One of the most powerful quotes from the former United States president John F. Kennedy is “Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try”

No matter how good our ideas might be, if we don’t try them; they are worthless. For entrepreneurs like me, the need to try is preceded by a dream to build something. Something of value that will hopefully solve a societal need.

For me, this dream came while working with farmers in Cambodia. This was the dream to expand credit to low-income earners in developing countries.

After years of planning, Brainstorming and studying the Microfinance model, I finally founded L-pesa in January 2014 after assembling a team of Software developers, Marketers, Advertising gurus, Bloggers, Accountants, Analysts, and Advisors to actualise this dream.

The company and Products

L-pesa, a company headquartered in Delaware, United States is a Micro-loans entity founded on the background that given the increasing mobile phone penetration rates, expansion of big data, and available of mobile technology in developing markets, the company could easily reach a significant number of mobile users in need of instant micro-loans who had hitherto not had the chance to borrow loans due to various factors such as a lack of credit history or loan collateral.

L-pesa offers three types of loans: Personal, Business and group loans all via mobile. A user who pays loans in time and builds a good credit history by taking loans is eligible to access higher loans, with lower the interest rates and longer repayment periods. Before issuing loans we do background checks on a customer using credit reference partners and for customers who have never taken a loan before, a quick successful interview leads to a starter loan.

You can learn more about our business here:

Like every entrepreneur journey, there have been victories and upsets along the way. Three years later since we launched, we are operating in two countries(Kenya and Tanzania) with a customer base of over 150,000 registered customers and growing. Plans are underway to open branches in Uganda and India in the short term and expand across Africa and Asia in the long term. There is no doubt that the demand for affordable loans in the developing countries is huge.

According to a research study done by Rabobank roughly 4 billion people living in developing countries and emerging economies do not have access to financial services such as credit, savings and insurance. To reach this core group of people not only does a company require sound infrastructure, but also access to funds. It goes without saying that offering unsecured loans is a risky business venture that requires an appetite for risk but with the right strategy in place, losses can be minimised significantly.

Since we launched, in Tanzania (2016) and Kenya (2017) we have issued over 25,000 unsecured loans. For both countries, the repayment rate has been over 90%. The number of released loans could have been higher if we had adequate funds to meet demand and enough staff to process loan applications for clients with no credit history. The bottom line is that we too need a boost to reach more customers in our target markets.

Why we are issuing an initial coin offer

To meet the growing demand and to better position the company for better service delivery, the company decided to go the route of the initial coin offer (ICO) and attempt to raise $25 million. We believe this route represents the future for startups. We believe that ICO’s offers transparency and is more inclusive. Better still, our clients will get the chance to own part of the company and hopefully, one day partake in profits generated.

By issuing a Token, named kripton, we are confident that it will gain widespread acceptance and this is why we have dubbed it as the “Bitcoin of Africa”. We are looking forward to a time where kripton will be choice African cryptocurrency from Capetown to Cairo. We want to imagine a world where the kripton not only will be used a means of exchange but also provide the first Africa crypto peer-to-peer lending platform.

To ensure the ICO proceed in a smooth and transparent manner, we have assembled a team of seasoned professionals to offer the best possible advice with a primary goal of delivering the best possible outcome for the business and our investors. With our strong fundamentals, we believe that this venture will be a success.

To take part and learn more about the ICO, please visit:

Together let us build the first “Bitcoin of Africa”. There is no doubt that the future of cryptocurrency in Africa is bright. L-pesa wants to light the way forward towards this inevitable future. Today, make a decision not to be left out of this wonderful opportunity.

Invest in L-pesa and let us redefine the credit lending landscape in Africa.

This is our time. Make a decision to try!

Ron Tuval, Founder & Managing Director, L-pesa Group

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