Randy Hilarski

Crypto Influencer, Marketer and Global Relationship Manager of Token Magic.


In 2006 I began my journey down the road of financial freedom. This was before the banking crisis hit so my only alternative was gold and silver. Then in 2008 the whole system was on the brink of collapsing but my family weathered the storm just fine.

In 2011 I decided I would give up my life in the USA and start fresh in Panama. I quickly partnered with a precious metals company to be the staff writer and marketer. Then one day one of my partners asked me if I heard about Bitcoin. So from that day forward I began my Bitcoin journey. At the time BTC was priced at $11. That was my would of, could of, should of moment in life.

I spent the next few years learning and building my personal brand as our company was the social media team behind many small Panama businesses as well as GoldSeek.com. GoldSeek is the second largest gold and silver news website.

In 2014 my wife and I started helping crypto companies with their social media presence. This business quickly blossomed into our niche. We have worked with Steem, Arcade City, Superior Coin, Flashcoin, Decent.Bet, Guld, TIGO CTM, Bitnational, Zencash, AdBank, Copytrack, INS Ecosystem, Hedge Token, Blocktrade, Mandala Exchange, Hoard, Halo Platform. We have also helped market the conferences LaBitConf, Panama Glass and PanamChain.

I like to consider myself a connector. Building relationships is what I do. If someone needs something done in crypto they ask me if I know someone who can help.

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