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Pixinch is a great project which has been thought in the French Riviera by a group of friends, passionate about Art and new technologies.

We aims to build a place where digital artists can share, expose, sell, protect and build their fame and where anyone can buy, collect and trade artworks anywhere in the world. A Digital Art marketplace named Pixinch and Powered by blockchain technology.

Each Digital work of Art will thus be registered on the blockchain to guarantee ownership and uniqueness and all liquidity of exchange between users will be ensured through the PIN token to allow a means of exchange between any registered party. The PIN token will be bound to the Pixinch platform to sell, buy and value the art pieces online. It will be based on the ethereum cryptocurrency.

We also want to create an investment fund to extend the life cycle of the token with current users. In this way, Pixinch will contribute to the “real-life” art market. The Pixinch project has a widespread opportunity to cover multiple verticals in the art world conquering digital art through the online Pixinch platform but also real life art through the fund. These potential markets prove the importance and the need of an ICO. The Pixinch investment fund will allocate over 25% of its budget to hire experienced art professionals and fund managers to run the fund.

In order to crowdfund the project successfully, Pixinch has set up an ICO game called “CryptoColors”. This ICO game demonstrates the team’s ability to build and deliver the product. The buying and selling of tokens will attribute each user with colors. Each color is a metaphor for owning an art piece but where no artist was involved. This game is an opportunity for all our investors to double their investment while keeping their PIN tokens. The buyers of the colors are the future art owners. Please visit us at

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