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Blockchain: A Breakthrough technology for Online Gaming and Esports

2017 was definitely the year for cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology, but people around the world are still not very clear about it. When people hear about Blockchain, the first thing that comes to their minds is Bitcoin. The point of taking blockchain into consideration for online gaming, eSports and casino gambling is a great way of changing the gaming industry in a revolutionary way. Operators can take advantage of Blockchain powered applications to target gamers across the world. Cryptocurrency the main feature of Blockchain which can be used for making online payments and trading items that exist in a digital ecosystem.

Gaming Platforms Use Blockchain Technology To Make Payments

There is no doubt about the fact that conventional methods of payment in the gaming industry are slow, expensive and inconvenient. In this type of gaming system, the middlemen and large vendors benefit the most as there is hidden money which is involved in the maldistributed ecosystem. On the other, payments through cryptocurrency are convenient and have low transaction fee. Operators and players can directly exchange cryptocurrencies through public exchange or BBXchange.

The safety and robustness of blockchain are sufficient to draw seamless transactions. The blockchain also gives an opportunity for game distribution. Instead of reaching to centralized market, the game developers can directly reach consumers through this decentralized system. Casino gambling and eSports industry can benefit a lot from the BB Platform. The technology creates a secure, efficient and trustworthy platform for gamers worldwide without any central party interference. BigBang Platform is the most notable project using Blockchain technology as a medium for integrating of eSports and casino gambling betting on the platform and offering loyalty points gamers can trade.

Big Bang: A Blockchain Powered Platform for Online Gambling and Gaming Industry

BigBang aims to revolutionize the online gaming industry using ‘blockchain technology’ that offers a secure and transparent ecosystem for gamers and operators. BigBang provides you with an online platform and cryptocurrency token that gives a global loyalty point reward ecosystem for eSports and casino players worldwide.

The in-built mechanism of BigBang Platform ensures to fight against any kind of fraudulent, ensures privacy and safety, incentivizes, and creates new revenue resources, customer acquisition, and retention opportunities easily through a cross-built loyalty token that is the Big Bang Token.

How Does BigBang Ecosystem Work?

The BigBang Ecosystem is a regulatory system that comprises of BigBang Platform, BigBang Exchange and BigBang Wallet. The system will start with Token Generation Event (TGE) later this year.

BigBang Token

The BigBang Token (BBT) is a utility and loyalty token of the platform. It is an ERC20 token which can be exchanged with fiat currencies and other ERC20 based cryptocurrencies. Due to its exchangeability, transparency and security cryptocurrency is proven to be a better source for the transaction. Gamers will be rewarded with BigBang Token (BBT) for playing and engaging in online activities like gaming, gambling and other integrated services on the platform. The BBT will be directly added in your BigBang Wallet.

BigBang Wallet

BigBang Wallet is cryptographically safe ERC20 compatible wallet. This simply means that BigBang Tokens as well ERC20 tokens can be held within the wallet. You can earn loyalty points in the form of BigBang Tokens while playing online games. These points will be automatically transferred to your BBWallet. You can also transfer these tokens to another ERC20 wallet. Tokens can be stored and sold on public exchanges or exchanged through BBXchange.

BigBang Platform

BigBang platform is a decentralized blockchain powered loyalty program and payment system. This platform provides a one-stop solution for gamers as well as operators.

For gamers across the world, it serves as a cross-service loyalty token, social gaming hub and an ultimate source of entertainment. On the other hand, for operators, BigBang is a self-regulated platform to integrate gaming services as well as CSM and CRM. Operators can easily interact with gamers. At the same time, gamers can get rewards and cashback through various activities.

All in all, BigBang gaming platform powered by blockchain technology will prove to be a breakthrough in the online gaming industry. Gamers, sponsors and operators can make the most out of this decentralized secured gaming system. BigBang is a secure and transparent ecosystem that diversifies online gaming and gambling experience with a powerful technology.

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