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An algorithmically traded hyperdeflationary cryptocurrency.


Optitoken is a hyperdeflationary cryptocurrency, fueled by a 24/7 algorithmic trading portfolio of established and manually selected cryptocurrencies. Essentially, the algorithm takes advantage of price swings among a select group of tokens, known as "The Basket," made up of a variable number of coin(s) deemed statistically or categorically undervalued. They will also be established and growth driven projects with high upside potential based on several factors based on past trends of growth and/or market averages. It will also take into account token supply and market capitalization.

Optitoken's trademark strategies of Buy Pressure and Strategic Scarcity can create perfect conditions for price appreciation. As our algorithm trades automatically between the basket of tokens, a portion of the profits created will be used to buy OptiToken on the market, thus providing upward price pressure. Afterwards, the tokens will be sent to an unspendable address and be destroyed, creating scarcity and further increasing value. This works by creating profits from the ongoing series of trades of the OptiToken portfolio and infuse it into the market(s) of OptiToken itself to provide constant sporadic upward price pressure. The tokens purchased are then destroyed by sending them to an unspendable address to create ever growing scarcity in the token supply and disallow the tokens from re-entering the ecosystem as ‘sell pressure.’ The remaining OptiTokens held by the cryptocurrency’s adopters will gain value each time this cycle occurs.

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