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O. Orrett Gooden for SWISSHTECH corp.

Decentralized Energy, Real or Hype??


Swisshtech Corp. is a start-up product development company, registered as a C class corporation in Georgia, United States. . Swisshtech is offering RegenCoin, (RGN) to the general public to secure funding for the further development and distribution of their Arc-regen Alpha prototype. The Arc-regen is a patent pending portable magnetic generator capable of internal self-replenishment and continuous electrical power delivery to users with utilization preference to residential user base.
Swisshtech desires to provide our product and service to your household. We believe in making practical differences in the field of energy access, so we have spearheaded a practical concept device to help free us all from the "TYRANT POWER GRID." Most don't see the grid as such a miscreant, primarily because we are so busy trying to afford what little we need to stay functional. None the less we aspire to innovate.
We are making our offering different than the others lauding power decentralization, like WePower, Power Hive, Power Ledger and Universal Energy for example. Whom, offer the redundant centralized system simply repackaged. They are not alone either. Green energy methods like solar, hydro, Bio, etc. are being repackaged in the same centralized form and sold to consumers without a thought of the potential for decentralization.
In the energy space centralization is specific. This is any power deliver method that requires power wires or poles to allow distribution. This pole & wires method is ANTIQUATED.
Regen coin and its Arc-regen are not alone with this perspective we are simply the underdogs delivering the perspectives of what is truly possible... today.
Consider that while others offer the same fossilized delivery method; Regen coin offer the world INDEPENDENCE through a first in class method, to deliver required amounts of electrical power at any point of need, freely and unfettered by any grid or structure. What’s more, this new method proposes to cost you nothing additional to device possession. Speaking to the futuristic picture, this proposes a quiet household power source practicability that require no wired delivery ... anywhere. No meters no bill, no interruptions... ever!
Farfetched ... one could ordinarily say, but today with the advanced stages shared by Universal Energy one would be remiss to imagine that similar prospects might not have similar objectives and have utilized simpler forks to their technology. We believe we have! This is our prototype at work before employing any professional development.
We offer this to you through possession of our Regen coin assets, redemption and more unique holder benefits than exists anywhere in the entire crypto currency space today. Because Arc-regen is a real product, most risks (except aesthetics) have already been neutralized.
Arc-regen will disrupt this antiquated system with truly decentralized and adequate, point of need power delivery devices. These units will be only accessible through the utility of RegenCoin and only through the crypto-currency ecosystem. We expect this will entice a pandemic of new users desirous of independent power to the crypto space while the RegenCoin’s unique characteristics like Value generating Events and counter volatility measures will inspire new standards of token creation and be further beneficial to our RGN token holders. Swisshtech invites your attention to these unique developments for your patronage.

O. Orrett Gooden.
Founder-Swisshtech Corp.

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