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Martin Regan

Entrepreneur & CEO - Founder


Martin has been an active entrepreneur for close to 30 years.

Martins preferred modus operandi is to champion causes that he believes in. Hes does not describe his career as a career but as a way of life!

In the 1990's, long before Bitcoin and block chain changed the world the UK government de-centralised and privatised the supply energy and telecoms in the UK. This was hugely important to Martin. The opportunity to present small business and households with the ability to choose became not only a clarion call for Martin but with much determination and focus he was instrumental in how this "disrutpion" took place. Martin built a team around him that became one of the premier energy and telecoms brokers in the UK.

Subsequently Martin has built business opportunity around changing peoples views about serving the access needs of the disabled community. Here he was able to use his motivational and organisational skills to build a committed sales team that went in to the streets and influenced peoples thinking

OPP OPEN WIFI had been a torch held by Martin for several years. Being a seasoned business traveller and carrying every communication gadget known to man Martin has been frustrated by the inconvenience of not being plugged in to the web when out and about for many many years. Martins dream of creating a free and open global wifi hotspot has been incubating for more than half a decade. Now block chain, smart contracts and crypto make it possible to bring his vision to life.

Enzo Ferarri on describing his skills once said "I am not a designer (of racing cars), I am an agitator of men". It is this vision, leadership and communication skill which makes Martin the agitator that we need to build our Global Wifi Network

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