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My name is Kostadin Karamfilov . I’m 45 years old. I graduated from Sofia Technical University at 1995. Received a specialist degree «Management of International Economic Relationships». At 2016 one of my friends and colleagues opened my eyes to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Since that day my vision of the modern and future world economy has changed drastically. The practical uses of blockchain are not necessarily clear at such an early stage in the development of the technology. However, if we look at what major organizations, governments and the most interesting and potentially disruptive startups in the space are doing with blockchain, we can get some idea of how it will be utilised in the future. Without further ado, here are the most important benefits of blockchain that may prove to be useful to businesses in different industries: Supply chain management, Quality assurance, Accounting, Smart contracts, Voting, Stock exchange, Energy supply, Peer-to-peer global transactions, etc. We are at the break of the new era, and those who are not following the trend of the new age will deeply regret in the future.

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