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During its historical growth, the crypto future market capitalization
could hit 20 trillion USD by 2020. (Feb. 6, 2018) – CFTC and SEC Meeting
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any other jurisdiction in which it would be impermissible or restricted to offer, distribute,
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parties about Zeus Exchange, its affiliates, and their business solutions. The products and services
mentioned here may not be suitable or available in some jurisdictions.
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Business Insider
Crypto-exchanges are under pressure to keep up with breakneck growth of the booming digital
coin market. Exchanges have halted trading, experienced outages, and crashed during the period of
high volumes and demands.
At present, the cryptocurrency market is relatively small as the comparison to the world amount of
trade in traditional currencies, with the daily volume trading at FOREX market assessed at 5.1
trillion USD. With the current cryptocurrencies development rate, the possibilities of rapid growth
present huge opportunities to serve within an exchange market these next 2-3 years. Exchanges
that exist in the marketplace have struggled to keep up with this explosive growth and
extraordinary demand from the hundreds of thousands of new market entrants. In December, some
of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges – Bittrex, Bitfinex, and paused the onboarding for
new users, which presents an opportunity for ZXchange to further serve new and existing traders.
We ensure priority is given to users to increase the level of trading among private investors by
creating an ecosystem of effective tools and aggregation of the community.
ZXchange Solution
What Does it Do?
ZXchange is a platform created for the democratization and development of crypto trading. The
platform will provide a wide range of opportunities for sharing experience and ideas: streaming of
trades, social trading sharing, analytics of recent trades, access to opinion leaders and experts.
Adopting a broad standard for Information Security Standards, change positions to be fully
ISO 27001and 27002 that maintains to ensure information assets are secured.
How Does it Work?
ZXchange server is configured on open technology LAMP stack using best practices from high-performance
HTML5 web application development (JSON-RPC calls) and experienced
developers from the security and financial backgrounds. All trades and withdrawals account
balances are stored in a primary database that includes replication and failover to other cloud data
Where is Customer Service?
Poor customer service ranks as the highest complaints amongst users within existing
cryptocurrency exchanges. ZXchange solution plans to address many of the issues with a
proprietary easy to use ticketing system, quick resolution for login/account setups, fast processing
of withdrawals. All this will be handled with a 24/7 dedicated full-staffed and well-trained
support team based in the U.S., Philippines, and Dubai.
ZXchange Volume Projections and Info
Which Payment Methods?
BTC, ETH, ZZC, USDT, FIAT (pending). All the pairings go against
All the base currencies (USDT, ZZC, BTC), go against the other currencies
What are the Trading Fees?
ZXchange trading fees will be .15% + .15% (maker and taker) per trade. There are further plans
set aside to discount larger volume traders in accordance to their trading tiers. The total global
cryptocurrency trading volume fluctuated from $5 billion to $70 billion USD daily over the past
few months based upon cryptocurrency exchange volume data. Given these figures, the following
can be estimated:
30 billion * 0.15% = 45 million USD generated globally in fees daily
These figures are assumed with the most conservative estimates, as exchange fees vary generally
with higher percentages than .15%. For example, Bitfinex by itself operated on average with $5
million USD in trading fees daily. ZXchange moderate goal of only seeking after 1% of the
market share would yield the following;
6 million * 0.01% = 600,000 USD per day
Forecasting with a four-year multiplier, the overall revenue projection valuation would yield:
$600,000 daily * 365 days *4 years = $876,000,000 million USD
Given the overall global trading volume steadily increases with little to no signs of slowing down,
the 1% market share would likely represent significantly greater profits of the fees than the present
Seed Funding
In Q1 of 2018, ZXchange will be open to the participant from qualified private parties/individuals.

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