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Joseph Lowe

Advisor | Integration Strategy l Tokenomy | Supply Chain|

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My Most Recent Interview on The Current State of Crypto in the U.S.
Hello Benchers!Below, is the transcript from my most recent interview from Davis Bourland, an accomplished professional who is currently...
16 Aug 2018
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Joseph Lowe served in the U.S. Army from 2001-2005 as an Airborne Infantry soldier attached to 82nd ABN Div Det HHC. Headquarter and Headquarter Company (HHC) trains, readies, and deploys Division mission command nodes; provides sustainment, communications, and security for deployed forces in support of unified land operations. He has advised in multiple start-ups including his own.

Served as Chief Executive of Lion MGA from 2012-2017. Lion was a Managing General Agency in the Insurance industry. Insurers would outsource their departmental operations in a fronting carrier-managing underwriter relationship that resulted in producing the largest retailer by office locations on east coast USA for its field. Literally taking this start-up from ground to multi-million dollar enterprise and 150 agent force. Also gained vast experience in risk management, auditing for underwriting purposes determining what is a high risk or low risk product, and risk mitigation. Claims sustained were less than 1% during tenure.

During 2016-2017 developed a lab for tech insurance and healthcare products that are based on Big Data and IoT. The goal was to reduce waste and other overlapping healthcare costs thru provider-user (patient) integrated collaborative platform. All products and service concepts were user centric with an aim to decentralize all aspects of healthcare authority and instead empowering the user with control over their health thru gamification.

CareParrot is now in full swing as the Smart Health Economy. Fractured networks and communications plague the healthcare industry mainly due to middlemen. CareParrot provides a universal network built on blockchain to remove them and have one global fabric with a single integration point for all apps to collaborate. Users are rewarded with CPX for their contributions.

As of April 2018, Joseph recently joined Jury.Online as an Arbiter. What Jury.Online does is mediates the process and holds investment funds in escrow during the build process. Too many investors are seeing ICO projects raise millions but never deliver an actual product. What's is even more unfortunate are the ICO Advisors that are attached that have no actual certifications in project planning or the ICO process, are being paid, but no clue on how to execute. Jury.Online fixes this niche. If you have an ICO, you'd like to launch, conduct it through Jury so as to ensure a fair transparent build or receive your investment back. If there are complications, Joseph will help mediate the process and cure the breach.

How are my overall ratings calculated?
I base my ratings heavily on your whitepaper, that's what the public and private investors have to go by. This is your vision or brains (intelligence, business acumen) on paper. If you have no feasibility, market forecast, no ROI, no product, you will get all 1,1,1's from me. Especially if you have experience. If a project can't be trusted to see the basic things, how can they be trusted to lead a multimillion dollar organization?

How are my product ratings calculated?

1-Not feasible
2-Feasible but not strong.
3-Strong feasible concept with proposed architecture/workflows.
4-Has a beta product.
5-Has an Alpha release, even though may have some bugs to work out.

Disclaimer: My reviews given are not a financial advice. Understand although I stay as objective as possible based on publicly available information, these are still my opinions. Always conduct your own due diligence before making any investment in a startup or business venture of any kind. Understand all startups can be high risk, even with a 5,5,5 rating. This is due to blindspots like unknown ill intent, unknown causes for project failure, hacks, exit scams, and unknown external liabilities (competition, lawsuits, acquisitions, death of key employees, loss of market demand).

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1. Jury.Online

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Pipeline Management
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