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I am currently developing my own blockchain based on Delegated Proof of Stake and Dan Larimer's Mutual Aid Societies (MAS) concept.

During 2013 and 2014, I became involved in the Bitcoin and Bitshares communities. Learning about crypto currencies opened my eyes to how finance worked and got me deeply involved in various communities online and skills I never thought I would be interested in before.

I was responsible for teaching myself and staying up to date with the latest happenings in the scene. I then started trading crypto currencies online and learning technical analysis while applying the knowledge I had to make a decent profit. During 2014 I Invested in many businesses, some successful and some a failure which taught me marketing, customer relations, budgeting, analytics, the basics of web design, social media management and being able to constantly learn new skills.

One of these businesses was a dice website devoted to a crypto currency PayCoin. Being the first gambling site for this crypto currency I was able to leverage the community through marketing on forums to process more than 500,000 transactions in the first 24 hours. Due to low marketing costs, the site was able to turn a decent profit even with a small house edge of only 0.5%. The site, unfortunately, was a big target for hackers as the hot wallet was hosted on the server and withdrawals were processed automatically so after the second hack I shut this business down.

I am now working full time on my passion, which is liberating cannabis and allowing the free market to thrive. Through our own Delegated proof of stake blockchain, Smoke.Network will become the social network of choice by all cannabis businesses worldwide.

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