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JoinGrowth has had some ups and downs, not to make excuses but we were before our time the last time we wanted to launch, We have always been in the educational industry so you would think for a bunch of Teachers we would have been smarter, but we weren't we trusted a partner that got us all invested in a company and it turned out to be a scam wtih BTC we never launched. Good thing no one got hurt it was our money and we were the investors. They took us pretty much for everything. We are hoping the are caught someday they took many with that Usi tech scheme. All we have our the Goals and the knowledge now to just do it on our own,We have we are working online and ready to go global The Covid 19 shut down 3 of our schools 2 Kinders and a university . We want to put it all back together and do it inline but bigger we are Global we did the math the backing with the people and the students that need us. We have teachers world wide that believe now it is not just the back yard we are going to teach everyone online with a quality education and we are doing it for free. The blockchain is supposed to solve a Problem, We solve many . The problems around the world today all lead back to one thing. With our supporters ad out team the same team with a few addictions from the United States, and Japen we are bringing every teacher together to fund other teachers and allow children the fundamental rights they were promised when they were born Something up until now was only just a dream. You see we use a system that allows the teachers and students as well use our token to purchase online school supplies and travel and even Buy a home In Mexico all using the JGN token on the Stellar Blockchain. What problems do we solve ?
1. Lack of quality education, What can that solve ? If everyone had access to quality education we would have less unemployment, less crime, less homeless and we are paying the teachers salary s. You see a happy teacher can teach a lot more with a smile then the teacher that cant pay her bills. We solve many problems. The math access to 80 million teachers world wide plus and average pf 25 students per class and if we can get at lest 4 percent we will be able to fund the education of all that cannot. The Blockchain will be changed fr every, There has never been anything done like this before. access to 80 million teachers x 25 is 2 billion students on the low end that is one heck of a number for the blockchain, And we already have rooms full of teachers from japan china Asia ,Belize, Americans all over willing to support us. Why well because it does not cost them any more to support us then it would on any given day. We dont ask Teachers for money we pay them money to teach. They support us by using our tokens with our online schools supplies our travel companies that support us and out real estate brokers that have faith in us that is how imagine 10% of the teachers and students Using the JGN daily BTC does roughly 250000 a day on our bad day the first year would be 400000 transaction a day The math is there the support and you cant find a better reason then education to support a program. We now have some very well know people on our team around the united states James J Baune World Poker series champion a also Real estates Investors Sales consultants for Auto dealers all over the United States Along with the best teachers money can buy. People we can say everyone is an equal until we really are. With access to quality education we wouldn't be in the place we are today in the world. We are up and running now in Mexico and we want to expand to the United states with our free Spanish classes. We didn't make it last time. We knew the timing wasn't right ad we didn't feel right after what had been done to us ti launch if it wasn't in the cards. Now the world needs us and we will make One of he largest launchs in the history of the blockchain check us out call ask question heck if you are really serious we will fly you down to meet us. Guys 2 billion people we have access to imagine that teachers all around the world coming together to end the lack of education We didn't change our name we didn't hide about it we took the lumps we are back it was our money they took and we are still waiting for that phone call when they get them. This is that story come to a full on success and changing the face of education.

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We are still looking for a few good teachers in the areas if the united states Japan and all over for our system to work

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