Jeremy Khoo

Group CEO | ICO Consultant


Obsessively creative | Started in the ecommerce/retail/events space | Currently interested in blockchain/cryptocurrencies | Involved in ICOs and fundraising | Bringing Group Public in 2018 | Angel investor.

I fell in love with cryptocurrencies in 2015. Since then, have thought of many ideas and pain points in my ventures and associated network and how to use blockchain and/or cryptocurrencies to solve them. Within my own network, I have introduced MegaX as a retail token to be transacted in our retail ecosystem such as

This year in June, we will also attempt to introduce MegaX as a token to be transacted in an epic scale offline event called Artbox Singapore. We are expecting 1Mil footfall. This to me, is what mass adoption of cryptocurrencies will look like.

You can read more about the problems we are trying to solve here:

In terms of my involvement with blockchain projects, I have advised ICOs such as, Consentium, Spiking, Cloudmoolah as just some of them. These projects are all revenue generating companies with a track record of venture funding and market.

For a full skill set of what I can do:

- Whitepaper Planning & Writing: E.g of writing Consentium , MegaX
- Product formulation around Utility of the Token
- Tokeneconomics
- Marketing, development of campaigns: E.g Whale Hunting in Spiking
- Marketing, programmatic ads and content
- Community building, liaise with vendors for telegram ramp up (total > 100,000 in telegram for all my projects)
- Liaising for exchange listings
- Connecting People, sourcing for advisors, team members, legal experts (> 1500
solid linkedin connections mostly to startups, VCs, Blockchain, Tech related)
- High ICO Success Score on ICOBench, which aids ICO
projects ratings
- Content writing: E.g of writing VCs in ICOs, Millennial Cryptocurrency
- Existing resources linkages => Novum Capital ,

I have also written a piece here on how to have VCs become cornerstone investors here:

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Consentium - Team member
Marketing | Founder of Several Blockchain projects
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CloudMoolah - Advisors
Group CEO, iFashion
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Spiking - Team member
Chief Strategist | Founder of Several Blockchain Projects
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