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Hanif Shaikh - Smart B2B Contacts and Email List Providers

CEO and Co-founder at Hamzavi Solutions


My Interest for blockchain comes from the Social side of it, for very long the power has been with governments and elite club of people only with the help of blockchain and cryptocurrency the power is shifting to commoners and this the best part of blockchain as per me.

Get in touch with me if

1)If you need help with the marketing strategy for your ICO.
2)If you would like me to review your ICO and give you the detailed report about my analysis.
3)If you would need the advice on how to go about the ICO and team building.
4) If you are struggling with your ICO.

Points to remember

1)I am not a Technical guy, but if you are looking for one I can give you rockstar referral.
2)I don't do SCAMS. Period.
3) If you are not solving a problem or doesn't have a use case I run from such projects,

How do I Evaluate ICO

1)Are you solving a problem?
2)Do you need blockchain to solve the problem?
3)Do you(team included) have the right skill set to solve those problems?
4)Are you communicating with your potential investors in the right manner?
5)How good is your social media stratergy?
6)How does your website look?

Where can you get in touch with me?
[email protected]
+91 9619 801 401

Little About me other than blockchain and crypto

I started out with my passion and zest for B2B industry and it led me to build a lead generation company of my own, specifically into smart B2B contacts and email lists.

Hamzavi solutions have been my baby, helping its clients with data related to the technologies that companies use across the world. In layman terms, we identify the users of companies like Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.

My experience and the knowledge inculcated has helped me out in ways that I can’t pen down. My another section of vivid interest also goes up in Quora meetups and organizing them with equal enthusiasm in the major metro cities of India.

Available for

Marketing and Consulting

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