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Airbloc is a transparent Ad Market where your data is rewarded based on the Blockchain.

So how do I get to see the products I searched on ads? Your personal information such as search history, location, app installs are being compromised at this moment. Some apps even illegally monetize personal data to advertising agencies. But sadly, to the data owner, nothing is rewarded in return.

AIRBLOC will reclaim your data rights.
Submit your interest data on AIRBLOC via AIRBLOC Main Client Service. When this data is sold to advertisers and used at AIRBLOC Data Marketplace, rewards will be given to users. With more data provided, and with better data quality, there will be greater rewards returned to users.

On AIRBLOC, ads serve as useful information.
Ads are displayed according to user’s interest data, and AIRBLOC can offer various ad configuration settings. Advertisers can reach out to those who might actually be interested in its products and/or services. At the same time, users will view preferred ads as a useful type of information.

Team ab180

ab180, the developer of AIRBLOC Network, is a digital ad company which services mobile app advertising performance analytics tool to over 300 large enterprises including GS Shop, Auction, Gmarket, and Baemin. AIRBLOC has tracked over 40 million devices in Korea in real-time, and currently tracks 13 million devices a month in real-time. We know it by heart what data is needed to lead an effective advertising. And since we already have built a data pipeline cycle which can collect, refine, and analyze data, there is no need to create a new industry standard from scratch. This explains our confidence that we will be faster than anyone else.


- Mr. Louis Jinhwa Kim (Co-founder/Director, Korbit Inc. & Co-founder/Board of Director, The Blockchain Association)
- Mr. Jason Han (CEO, Kakao Blockchain Subsidiary)
- Mr. Sungjae Hwang (Foundation X CEO & FuturePlay Co-founder)
- Mr. Ken J. Kim (Executive Director, SRVC (VC in Korea))
- Mr. Sean Lee (Director, Corporate VC, GS Shop)
- Mr. Seo Wooseok (Data-driven Technical Entrepreneur & Growth Hacker)
- Timothy Yang(Chief Strategy Officer, 42 Media Corp)


- Foundation X
- Orange farm
- Sentience
- Kmong
- Battle Comics
- Rainist
- Humanscape

ABL Token Sale

- Total Issued Token Volume : 400,000,000 ABL
- Pre Sale Sales Volume : 53,000,000 ABL (1 ETH = 11,500 ABL)
- Public Sale Sales Volume : 117,000,000 ABL (1 ETH=10,000 ABL)
- First Pre Sale Period: 2018. 4. 23 01:00 (UTC) ~ 2018. 5. 01 10:00 (UTC)
- Second Pre Sale Period: 2018. 5. 03 01:00 (UTC) ~ 2018. 5. 11 10:00 (UTC)
- Public ICO: 2018. 5. 28 01:00 (UTC) ~ 2018. 6. 29 10:00 (UTC)

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