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Hakan Atabaş

Founder CEO at Geliyoo and Xtremcoin


First end foremost, I love writing code. Ever since writing my first program in Python
and manipulating it to produce a desired output, I have been obsessed with the idea
of using software to solve practical problems. Software engineering is a never-
ending puzzle that I am passionately engaged In solving. !believe In the power of
programming to transform end improve the lives of people around the world.

For my first professional contract. I was given the opportunity to lead a full Ul/UX
overhaul of a small start up's website. My second contract involved Injecting
HTML/CSS/JavaScript on popular merchant websites via browser extension. This
contract quickly turned into a full time offer and I have been happily expanding my
role as a computer engineer ever since. Today. l am a senior engineer at Geliyoo and Xtremcoin
working on the front end of our home site, Most recently, we have
been implementing a micro front end into our customer acquisition flow so that it
can be dynamically composed using demographic data and allow for Cl/CD
deployments to bring features to market faster.

Even when I leave the office, I Mod to continue wilting code at the house. Most
recently I have been working on a website for my band, Collidoscope. I play the
piano/synthesizer anal find a beautiful crossover between my software and my
music. Both pursuits challenge so many aspects of the intellect: creativity,
organization, sequential processing, problem solving. This Is what keeps me up at
night, a never ending thirst to create beautiful, powerful things and share them with
the world.

Skills/Interests, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract, Blockchain Consultant and Architecture, Hyperledger, Cryptology, JavaScript, Node, React, CSS, HTML, Gil, MySQL, Mongo, Docker, Angular, Linux, Prestashop, Exchange System, Bitgo,

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