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Gurmeet Singh Anand



Gurmeet is an early adopter of drone technology and believes that drones offer efficiencies, data-gathering capabilities, and increased safety, providing significant benefits for consumers, industry and law enforcement. They are poised to transform entire industries, including logistics, agriculture, insurance, industrial inspection, energy, newsgathering, real estate, and public safety. Gurmeet began his journey with drones three years ago. He has established multiple successful businesses in the past.

Gurmeet is founder and CEO of DEEP AERO, which helps individuals and organisations to understand the revolutionary benefits of drone technology, and gain the skills and connections to implement drone technology in their workplaces.

Gurmeet's daily role at DEEP AERO is to grow the company and assist like-minded visionaries to realise the vast potential of drone technology across the business, services, sporting and education spheres.

Gurmeet has global relationships across the industry with innovators and thought leaders and he regularly contributes to publications, emerging as a much-requested contributor and commentator on the integration of drone technology into enterprises and industries. His vision is to provide easy knowledge enabling everyone to start using drone technology in a way that realizes its best potential for their individual businesses and enterprises.

DEEP AERO is building the Drone Economy on the Blockchain

DEEP AERO UTM: AI driven intelligent, self-aware, autonomous drone traffic management platform built on the Blockchain.

DEEP Passenger and Cargo Drones: Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) aircrafts transporting people and goods running on DEEP UTM.

DEEP Drone MarketPlace: Decentralized market place for Drone related products and services.

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