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Graham Leach

Professor, CxO and ICO expert


I have already worked with a bunch of successful ICO's, and am advising several more...

I help organizations: (A) Plan; (B) Identify opportunities; (C) Transform creativity into sellable Products & Services; and (D) Deconfuse situations, messages and people.

I am equally comfortable in Commercial or Academic environments, and I am at my best when working on Strategic and/or Business Development problems. My preferred position is that of Chief Strategy/Revenue/Innovation Officer.

In that role, I typically act as a proactive supporting resource for top corporate leaders (CxO, BoD) in embattled situations or circumstances of major growth or transformation, which I try to help them to successfully navigate, usually through evidence-based methodologies driven by rational analysis, but also sometimes through other decision-making strategeis (like heuristics) in situations where rational analysis is not a good fit.

My MBA thesis was on decision-making in fast-paced, chaotic environments, and I have become an expert in this field. My Undergraduate degree was a double major in Computer Science and History, so - while I am a data-driven person who uses deep research, analysis and synthesis as a natural part of what I do, I have also understood for a long time that not all situations may be resolved with the Scientific Method. There is always a Human Factor, and we ignore it at our own peril.

My preferred general model is as follows: Notice -> Study -> Think -> Plan -> Train -> Deploy.

I have successfully harnessed this strategy on a large portfolio of significant strategic projects for several Fortune 50 (not 500) companies, as well as at major Universities and to launch few of my own companies.

I prefer to work with only the best.

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