Giovanni Turchetto

General Manager @DeFund Project


My name is Giovanni Turchetto, I live in a small city near Venice (Italy). I am a student who is going to take the Diploma on the next July 2018. I study Administration, Finance and Marketing and intend to go on with studies by attending Business Economics at the Ca' Foscari University in Venice, one of the most important in Italy.
Since I was 16, I have developed a huge passion for Investments and Financial Markets as well. For this reason I tried different times to trade Forex and Stocks using Demo accounts (as I was underage) and attended several online courses regarding risk management.
I agree with everyone who says that investing is not an easy activity to do. On the contrary, I think it is one of the most difficult ones because you know that the money you invest are always subjected to risk and there are many psychological factors in the game.
However, I do not believe that trading is like gambling, since with the right strategies and competences you can increase your reward per risk ratio and, as a consequence, you would be able to have a stastical advantage, which makes you earn more than you lose, generating a profit.
As I started moving in this environment almost 3 years ago, I witnessed the revolution brought by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and developed an unchallenged love for this brand-new technological currencies, which have in their core that freedom spirit that banks had oppressed during years.
So I decided to undertake the creation of DeFund, a project that has the strong intention to improve the world of investment funds using the Blockchain, making everthing clearer and more transparent than any other one in the world.

“In a world of sharks and whales, the only way to survive is becoming like them.” (DeFund slogan)

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