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Gainz Token


The Gainz token platform is a ERC-20 token & Ethereum based smart contract network that currently works with a real FitBit device. Gainz token is “mined” by physical work and distributed when goals are completed. The smart contract technology allows personal trainers and fitness influencers to challenge other influencers in a step/calorie/distance FitBit challenge, winner takes all the tokens on the wager.

The prototype utilizes a smart contract called Tasks. The hierarchy of the prototype designed is the following:

└── Web Application Backend
└── Coaches
└── Tasks
└── Users

e.g. Coaches create Tasks which can be accepted and monitored by users. The Web Application serves as an intermediary between FitBit (or other fitness tracking device) data from the User and the accepted Tasks.

The Gainz Token network is a blockchain product that you can use to create fitness challenges. The python backend continuously updates from the fitbit servers. The live fitbit continuously pushes data throughout the day. Once the data is on the fitbit servers you can access it from the Fitbit API library once a user inputs their users credentials. Once a user registers with fitbit, you input your users credentials into our platform. Our python code wraps up that fitbit data into a “data frame object” which can be easily used in our smart contract solidity program.

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