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The concept behind FighterCoin (FGC) is to grow the fighting community from the grass roots by enabling fighters from all fields, who are up and coming to receive direct funding from supporters and fans. FighterCoin is the only token developed on the blockchain that is designed specifically to benefit everyone involved in the sport.

Fighters will be eligible to receive FGC proceeds so that they can meet their daily needs – food, rent, training camps, pre-fight medicals, transportation, training fees and other miscellaneous expenses incurred prior to their big break.

Fighters will also get merchandising assistance from the FGC team, whereby merchandise and an online store will be opened on behalf of the Fighter. The fulfillment, sourcing, inventory and delivery of the goods will be handled by the FGC team and the revenue will be shared directly with each individual fighter. The items in the online store will be available to be purchased using fiat at normal price or if FGC is used, at a discount.

Fans will contribute by participating in fun and entertaining games. This will allow them to watch fights while also being actively involved in the Fighting community (including MMA, Kickboxing, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwan Do, Boxing and all other fighting disciplines) in a meaningful way, and get compensated for their skill in the form of receiving FGC. For their skill, they get rewarded with FGC tokens and at the same time help grow the sport they love and are so passionate about.

Businesses involved in the fighting community will also benefit because a more engaged and active fan base also means higher revenue and profits to give back to the FGC community.

The FGC team will also benefit by receiving a small portion of the revenue the project generates, as it provides a useful and practical service for the entire fighting ecosystem.

In short, FGC is specifically designed so that the more the coin is used and adopted within the Fighting ecosystem, the more revenue is generated by businesses from fans and advertisers, thus in turn making FGC tokens being more valuable and giving more money back to the fans, fighters and the entire fighting community.

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