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Fayçal Laraki

Crypto Enthusiast, ICO-STO Investor, ICO-STO Advisor


Banker and French Financial Markets Authority Certified. I have an extensive experience in Finance : Asset Management, Corporate Finance, Trade Finance.
I am working with large cap companies and commodity traders. I have also experience of FX markets.

I have been involved in Crypto for more than 2 years and have invested in several ICOs. I have reviewed more than a 100 ICO/STO projects these last 6 months and invested in more than 20. I have made a comprehensive analysis of Crypto and especially ICO/STO markets.

I have also managed a private but free Telegram group with +550 users

I am also advisor for ICO projects

Available for

Advisory services (Strategy
Token Metrics)
Business Development (Relationships
Community Management (Telegram)
Marketing (Promotional Video making)
ICO Market Report - November 2018ICO Market Report - November 2018

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