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Ezekiel de Jong is well known throughout the industry as a Crypto OG, this may be partly due to his early adoption & entrance into the scene in 2012. Then again stole the industry limelight for his alleged role surrounding Monero release in 2014. In 2017 was back again as the biggest mentioned name in Crypto, being dubbed "The Wolf of Blockchain". From the moment you meet Ezekiel you do not forget him, the reason why his influence and connections branch to some of the world's wealthiest investors.

Ezekiel is a managing partner at Mt. Khalifa, a crypto currency Hedge Fund in Dubai and is a private client advisor and friend to a handful of royal family members in the UAE. The money and reputation that gives Ezekiel de Jong access too can be shown in the way he approaches an opportunity to support an ICO.

A shareholder of one of the worlds biggest private social media marketing companies with an amazing 34+ Billion impressions a month on accounts under management. These accounts include celebrities and the biggest names on social media influencing. Giving Ezekiel access to promoting with celebrity accounts and backing.

Ezekiel's Personal Assistant Chloe Halloway left the upper echelons of the media industry and renowned family company to join Ezekiel and pursue her new found passion. Chloe's connections run across international borders and all over the globe. This allows the power team to open up press releases, TV appearances and articles worldwide.

Ezekiel de Jong also has joined the cast of upcoming Netflix Original Series "Crypto OG's: Got Rich.. Why am I still trying"

Ezekiel & Chloe pride themselves on their work and bring real value and money to the table. The numbers of successful ICO's they advise is what these two care about. This separates them from 98% of the ICO Advisors that advise a large number of ICO's but add absolutely no value.

If you feel your ICO is of the quality they would support then reach out and they would be glad to review.

Ezekiel de Jong & Chloe Halloway

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