Jan Robert Schutte

CEO of CryptoAcademy


an Robert Schutte (CEO CryptoAcademy) has more than 25 years of trading experience in the derivatives and commodities markets.

He was involved in creating the largest Dutch Brokerage, BinckBank. In 2011, he co-founded OptieAcademy that aims to increase the level of knowledge of investors. Jan Robert is a technical trader/coach who has already coached thousands of investors and especially in Options and Crypto Currency Trading.

In 2015 Jan Robert won an investment competition among 1500 participants. In september 2016 Jan Robert was Cofounder of an online community which has now nearly 5000 members. In 2017 Jan Robert co-founded and is now a CEO of CryptoAcademy.nl which is the #1 Dutch Crypto Trading & Blockchain Community. Jan Robert is an experienced community builder and created several online Investing and Crypto Currency communities. Also has Jan Robert a broad network in the Crypto- and Blockchainworld, encouraged by his huge sales skills.

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