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Sergey Voropaev

Crypto Syndicate CEO - network of the investment HUBs


Crypto Syndicate is creating investment hubs with corporate tracking programs across the world.
We've been investing in promising IT startups since 2006, and right now we are focusing on implementing accelerator programs in crypto-friendly areas.
Our objective is to assess 100 000 early-stage startups in the next 5 years and select those that can show growth of up to x150.
1) We welcome partnerships with commercial corporations. For a corporation, the implementation of the investment hub technology will allow to reduce their operational costs by 3-5% and be the first to access breakthrough new tech.
2) We are seeking collaborations with project backers: they can expect mid-term revenue from supporting our projects at the level of circa 40%.
Investment target for the next 5 years - $500 000 000.
3) We invite early-stage hi-tech startups to apply for our analytic services, assistance, competence serce, and financing.
4) We are looking for investors interested in opening local representations of our investment hub network (Brazil, Cabo Verde, Sao Tome & Principe, East Timor, Mauritius, Macao, South African Republic, Spain, Hong Kong, Argentina, Australia, Taiwan, Venezuela, Portugal, Malta, Singapore).
Crypto Syndicate will provide a networking platform and run the investment hub.

Right now Crypto Syndicate is opening its first offline HUB & tracking program for IT and blockchain projects in Tallinn - with the support of Estonian government.
We have received 400 square meters of A+-class office space, to be provided to startup founders in sections starting from 10 squared meters; apartments can be provided to founders, too. Startups will receive assistance with registering their companies in Europe, opening accounts in European banks, and obtaining an official license for operations with cryptocurrencies.

The HUB has a confirmed international investment qualification, an incorporation invitation from the government of Switzerland, and two successful blockchain project exits with a x5 result in three months.

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