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•CryptoBite Coin – an altcoin on the blockchain technology—promises to become prominent and an alternative to the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripples.
•This is another form of currency with digital footprint, that is a cryptocurrency, created by complex mathematical computations and all transactions are verified by millions of users and stored in the public ledger for transparency.
•Like other major cryptocurrencies, this coin could be stored in both offline wallets such as hardware (Computer Drives and USB) and online wallets such as cloud storages, smartphones.
•CryptoBite Coin possesses values similar to the physical gold bar and aims to be listed in popular exchanges. Also, through Integrated Developers’ Option (API documentation), this cryptocurrency aims to be a payment gateway for E-Commerce stores online worldwide.
We hopping to stay deminded in market we are giving for unieuq service with coin.
It would as below.
1. Physical USB Wallet
2. Payment gateway
3. Booking System
Physical USB Wallet
•USB Wallet is a hardware device for Bitcoin, CryptoBite and Altcoins, based on robust safety feature for storing cryptographic funds and securing digital payments. Each CryptoBite USB owner requires the CryptoBite Internal Web wallet to ensure the network upholds the highest standard of security, allowing users to enjoy total peace of mind.
Payment gateway
•Integrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, CryptoBite & Altcoin. Merchants can accept and store Bitcoin, Ethereum, CryptoBite & other Altcoins securely from e-commerce websites.
•CryptoBite would provide plugins and API documentation for all the popular Online Store used today. Register and install a plugin or integrate the API to set up CryptoBite Payment Gateway with your new or pre-existing checkout.
•Best price from different exchanges
•No hidden fees to merchants or customers
•Price updated every 60 seconds
Booking System
The Project supported by Cryptobite Coins is the DECENTRALIZED BOOKING SYSTEM. This would be aimed towards making an innovative booking system that is decentralized in the following aspects:
1. Air-ticket purchase.
2. Hotel booking.
3. Domain booking.
4. Event ticket.
5. Sports Game ticket just to mention a few.
Our CryptoBite Marketplace will connect retailers and clients in an exceptional way with the Primary Objective which is to remove third-parties and middlemen that are extremely dangerous to the growth of businesses. The platform will also help to encourage the business resourcefulness.

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