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I Claim this topic for CPRO, and will Continously improve it.

Project name : CPRO (CryptoSources), also Cryptoproducticity

Brief summary (which problems does it solve)

CPRO is a Value Sources Engineering Token, we are also Developing a Foundation for Value Sources Engineering with this Project,

CryptoSources are a two dimensional form of CryptoCoins

Coins are digital “thank yous”
they transact just Values

Sources are digital “property rights over Value Sources”
they transact the generativity of Values

The CPRO concept is being designed to solve a lot of Problems

here some:

2.1 Creating an incentive for creative value sources engineering and development instead of wasting ressources like bitcoin

2.2 2D Sources form, freeing highly professional workers from neverending scam&abuse from either ICOs (systematic privatisation of income sources) or Communism with Neofeudal elements.

High professionals and Labourers are trapped to sell their time, and are being abused by others that privatise Value Sources(or Income Sources) (two dimensional ValueAssets) paying the professionals with low quality “thank yous” in form of Coins (One dimensional Values)

Through the CPRO concept they have higher Quality alternative of accumulating and earning property over ValueSources (2D Token) (two dimensional Values)

Through CPRO (also Cryptoproductivity) we hope to achieve a mutual situation through which high professional labourers can actively earn reliable ValueSources instead of constantly building them for others that pay them like “idiots” with low quality “Coins”.

2.3 Creating a economically generative token with an advancing tech basis, outside of gas speculations, like on Ethereum.

2.4 Building a Foundation for Creative Value Sources Engineering

some Examples

Real Estate
Vertical Farming
Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing
and Other Value Sources.
Token is Expensive and is being used in € Parity,
Token is also Strictly Accounted with. there is no throwing around with money. its a Backed Currency After All.

Technical overview (how Waves is used)
Waves is being used as a hopefully reliable and efficient, token encription plattform and the transaction of those.

also Waves Dex is used as a Quick Access to Exchange Listening.

the Progression of the Wavesplattform is expanding the useability of CPRO

for example potentially free of tx costs by sponsoring.

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