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Topic: [PRE-ANN][PRE-IEO/ICO] Cash (COFC) token - , , (Read 366,555 times)


Welcome to the Cash (COFC) coin PRE-IEO/ICO PRE-ANN


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ERC-20 Token on Ethereum Blockchain

AUG 20th 2019, 0:00AM UTC
AUG 21th 2019, 11:00PM UTC

Tevel - Location Based Revolution

The Problem
In an age that prioritize convenience and socializing, various platforms have been introduced to satisfy an average man’s crave to meet new people of the same interest, shop online, make order for food, even get business listed, etc. We have the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Gett, Uber, etc. However getting all these integrated into one multi-purpose platform that enhances ultimate convenience which is the desire of every man.

The Solution
With Tevel, a registered user will be connected to everything around him/her with the tools to manage a personal profile, upload posts, images, videos, and live videos on the map. The user can meet new people with common interest, businesses, business opportunities, professionals, places for rent or sale and many more. The user can also receive “likes” and comments on the publicity. The users can rank another users and participate for a best ranking on “Tevel world wide ranking feature”, manage a wallet, Receive, transfer between users and pay for any service and business that can be found on the map using an Cash Token.

What is Tevel
Tevel platform unites the real world with virtual world and records all public events that have occurred on the map forever using public blockchain technology. It is a multipurpose platform where users can socialize, and run their business.

Tevel Mission
Tevel mission is to establish itself as a social interactive experience like no other! The place for connect to the community around you from the palm of your hands and for free, manage Cash wallet, meet new people, Call a taxi or delivery and many more. And where brands and businesses can reach their audience & potential customers, manage their business by innovative platform.

Target Market
There are two main groups which specify as customers for services Tevel is offering. The first is the end user that will download the application to his/her smartphone. Second group would be businesses and brands that relates to same target audience that uses the application. Second group will use Tevel platform to promote themselves and their products through coupons and ads.

According to IBISWorld, the market size of social networking site is $40.2 billion in 2019 and this expected to increase by 17.9%. Statista also estimated the global social media advertising revenue at $100,927 million in 2019 at an annual growth rate of 24.5%. These lend credibility to an assurance of profitability on Tevel Also, according to Market Research Future, the global Blockchain technology market is projected to reach the USD 7,128.0 million mark at a CAGR of 66.4% over the forecast period of 2018-2023, and the Allied Market Research has estimated the global Location-based Services Market at $11,994 million, and is expected to reach $61,897 million by 2022, supported by a CAGR 26.6%, while Location based advertising dollars will grow from $12 billion in 2016 to $32 billion in 2021, climbing to 45 percent of overall mobile ad revenue by 2020 according to BIA Kelsey.


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Exchago Bank

What is Exchago?
Exchago is the new generation, an all-in-one trading platform that brings the convenience of crypto traders and investors. It supports more than one hundred cryptocurrencies and more will be added later as the development progresses.
One-stop- solution from Exchago allows you to buy, sell and store digital assets safe and securely. The members can transfer cryptocurrencies to and from without paying any fees. We have also introduced the new features such as POS for merchants and individual businesses that help them to accept cryptocurrencies conveniently and safely across the globe. To bring liquidity to your investment we offer our members an instant withdrawal feature that can help you to withdraw your funds instantly. In summary, Exchago platform apart from being a new generation trading platform is a new generation digital bank.



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CofCall is a Smart Call Center An artificial intelligence platform that mediates between job seekers (freelancers in telephony services, "support, human response, sales") and service seekers (companies, businesses and other enterprises looking for one of the following services: sales, human response, human secretary, technical support. The main concept of the product is the next "Uber" of Human Telephony Services - from today you decide how, when and where to work. The system is smartly designed and one of its goals is to continuously improve the performance of freelancers from all aspects, from sales services to human services, through the severe and carrot method.

The Problem

Today the customers looking for personal customer service with human response on the phone, the customers don’t like sending emails, and looking for the phone number of the company to receive the service immediately, today companies lose customers when they cannot receive the call, also if their phone on call waiting. In this case the customer will end the call and don’t buy the service that the company provides. On this problem the company loose around the 58% of their sales from incoming calls, lose customers that did not receive customer service.

Telemarketing is the one of the best ways to recruit new customers, companies spend a lot of money for sales agents, call minutes and leads, but the biggest problem is the way of agent’s work, most of the companies still working with a paper and static phone, in this case the agent need to dial the customer manually, and update the leads on the paper, but what will happen if the paper will be lost? the leads will go with the paper, also the biggest law in sale says: as more you will make calls as more clients you will receive.

The Solution

COFCall have the perfect solution, COFCall call center provides customer service support for companies using artificial intelligence CRM made by COFC Technology by freelancer all over the world, we provide the solution with multiple languages, 24x7, with goals and freelancers examination, we check each freelancer before starting working with him, gives him to specific information that will give you safe and security of the data inside yours company, we provide customer support and sells service to all the incoming calls, the customer can change, manage and update information, plans, work hours and send updates on real-time to the freelancers.

COFCall CRM including artificial intelligence, will provide the best solution for the sales agents, using our platform the customer can manage, make and receive calls, call to leads and provide the sales agents leads using sales groups and manage call language, the system will give the customer a way to hire freelancers from all over the world. the platform is a webapp , that the customer don't need to download our install on his PC or Mobile. The platform connects to API and the sell can be done on real-time, the platform can be simply customized for the customer needs in no time. The CRM include artificial intelligence that check how much time the agent make, check how much sells and create new goals for the agent by using specific formula for the best sells. also by receiving the goals the customer can add rewards that the agent will get.

COFCall Platform "Uber" of Human Telephony Services
COFCALL IS An ecosystem platform with the integration of an artificial intelligence algorithm and a SmartConnect and Token block that enables freelancers in the field of human response to provide comprehensive services to businesses and companies regarding human response, service and sales
Using multiple languages, worldwide cloud hosting, simple customized platform and modules we can provide the service for all type of business and companies with connection to APIs, provide an API to update and manage the data and provide the full-time 24x7 customer and sales service and support, using freelancers all over the world, COFCall is the new generation of the call center service.


Now, let’s talk about the next thing which is all set to roll in the upcoming days. COFC technologies, a leading blockchain solution provider is all set to roll their own cryptocurrency called COFC token. COFC token is the native cryptocurrency of COFC technologies which will be used across the various platforms developed by the company.

COFC cash

COFC token will be launched on 30th June 2019 and the ICO tokens will start to distribute at 18% discount or a bonus for qualified investors. Talking more about COFC token and ICO, the token will be based on ERC-20. The company is planning to utilize the token for all internal operations and financial transactions of the company. the token will be released in pre-ICO/IEO that will begin in 20.08.2019 will be opened only for pre-qualified or whitelisted investor.

Use of COFC cash

As mentioned before, the company is thinking to utilize the COFC token across the various platforms developed by it. Moreover, COFC token will also help the company to carry out all the internal operations and transaction with it without paying anything extra as transactional cost. The token may also get listed on their own crypto trading and exchange platform but it is just prediction. The company has decided to start with pre-ICO IEO which will be opened on 20th, August and the token will be distributed to whitelisted investors. The reason behind the Pre-ICO is listed above as the company is on its way to register several patents and obtain copyrights for their upcoming services and products.

The buyers will be able to use COFC token or COFC cash in COFCall - the COFCall center offers a wide range of services that allow the business owners and individual to receiv
e calls from their customers, manage the employees, and build a direct relationship with customers. COFCall has also developed an all-in-one solution to manage all the customers and establish a customer relationship with human response. The system is called COFCall CRMS or customer relationship management system which is fast, convenient, and cost-effective.

COFC cash will also be used on Tevel platform. Tevel offers location-based services, where everyone can register their selves offer their services by listing their business or services or products. Which means Tevel is a place where every icon around you become alive and useful. Tevel allows you to connect with people, businesses, restaurants, professionals, plumbers, taxi and almost everything you can imagine. Exchago platform and the bank will also use the crypto cash. The price of the token will be announced soon.

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