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Christopher Singh

Deputy Editor


I am a journalist based in Australia, working within the broad areas of music, culinary arts and travel. Enjoy sports of all kinds, highly competitive and used to work in a hospitality position as part of the largest sporting stadium in Sydney, Australia.

Enjoy travel, particularly the Baltic states of Europe, Japan and New England. Have been overseas many times and am also into typing a lot of words to meet specific word counts. Speaking of word counts, the minimum word count for IcoBench is 500 which seems like a fairly decent number to try and achieve, I do wonder when I will achieve it with little to no effort on my behalf aside from typing inane words on a keyboard. I could just press the "t" key continuously but then that may be a bit too strange and may make me seem like some kind of intellectually lazy human being, of whom I am most certainly not.

A little bit more about me. I value brevity and am often frustrated and sarcastic when those values are not shared by a website. However, I would very much love to qualify to expertly review ICOs since I find the Cryptocurrency space absolutely fascinating and game-changing for just about every industry in the world. The majority of people in the developed world still do not understand the potential for Cryptocurrency - I barely do myself, and I doubt many people who claim to understand actually do. What we are witnessing is a disruption beyond the scale of everything that has come before, a monolithic shift in the very concept of value which is obviously going to prove challenging for people who are not as capable as 'unlearning' lifetimes of monetary convention. This is the next big step for the digital era, and one which will sweep every facet of life, destroy certain social institutions and build better, more equitable ones that bring humans onto a more equal footing.

Being part of that change, whether its as small as reviewing a particularly strong ICO, is significant and should not be taken for granted. I love you Icobench. Please change your minimum word count requirements.

My favourite movies include Boyz N The Hood by John Singleton and Reserviour Dogs by you know who. They completely squash modern cinema with original ideas that are much more grounded in something real and soulful than your now standard superhero movie. Speaking of superhero movies, Black Panther was a good movie but was it really as spectacular as people say it is? If I'm being completely honest, I think many of the people who sang the absolute praise for Black Panther are just focusing on its social impact and forces outside of the actual film and its droll storyline as opposed to the actual plot and filmmaking. Should the importance of an art work be placed above its constitution? There's arguments for both sides but for now I quite strongly advocate for the negative.

Six more words left, how exciting,

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