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* YOU WANT TO INVEST IN TECHNICAL MONEY TO READ AND UNDERSTAND IT BEFORE YOU PARTICIPATE ... 1. Invest only the money you can lose. I know this has been repeated many times. However
when you have paid for Bitcoin or any crypto coins
you must be prepared to lose everything. Losses not only come from market failures but also from other risks: floor crashes
or even government regulations. Never hold a red book
sell a car home to play coin
painful consequences. 2. Keep an eye on Bitcoin - grandfather of cryptocurrency. Most of the crypto coins have a price action reaction to this grandfather: If the price of BTC increases sharply
Altcoin will reduce the price due to the influx of capital into the BTC. If BTC falls sharply
Altcoin will also be hurt because investors will exit the series. The best time for Altcoin to grow is when Bitcoin prices move sideways or down slightly. 3. Diversify the list. Never put eggs in a basket. When you put all your money into a single penny
you will probably get more profit
but when the market drops the hole will be much larger. At times diversification of the portfolio will also help you increase your profit margin
for example
when Bitcoin increases 34 times from January 2016 to 2018
Verge (XVG) has increased 13
000 times. 4. Do not take. Take profit whenever possible. If you have a 30% increase in coin hold
you can latch one part
and the rest can place trailing stop. This helps you avoid the risk of losing profits and allows you to remain involved in the game. If the price drops after profit taking
consider re-investing that term; 5. Do not invest in something you do not understand. I myself have gone through this
referring to a lot of different advice to buy without finding out. If I invest in losses
but from my decisions
I also will not regret
draw lessons and go on. 6. Do not FOMO. This is the most valuable advice
it helps you do not swing the top when placing orders by emotion
or placing orders by fear. If you stepped into the crypto market last week
now you're in the midst
and the high possibility that you're afraid of missing out on the opportunity to buy the emotion. The current situation is not reasonable to join
because now the sellers and the faction is struggling very violently
the market has not shown signs of full recovery. 7. Classify investments into long-term
medium-term and short-term. If the crypto brothers have a good team
community and achieved a certain amount of success
then consider it a medium-term or long-term investment. When prices drop
do not think of selling because any long term investment needs time to profit. 8. Always learn from mistakes. Assess the situation and find out the reason. I have improved a lot when I learned the routine of trading diary
lose or win
and also recorded a reason for it. If you lose and pour in the black market
obviously you are hit
not financial investment

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