BatMine ICO


BatMine will open a professionally built and operated crypto mining center in the European Union with the fastest hash power and lowest electricity usage available. This jurisdiction was chosen for its safe environment, an abundance of low cost green energy, and excellent taxation. The mines will operate, depending on how much we raise, up to 10,000 miners. The miners will be housed in environmentally and economically optimized locations with climate control. For energy we will pay in average 4 cents per KwH, and our miners reach a hash power of up to 55 Th/sec, if by the time of the end of the ICO there is equipment with a higher hash power and/or better electricity ratio we will of course buy those. BatMine has chosen to use the Silent Partnership legal framework resulting in contractually guaranteed fixed 30% profit sharing rights for ICO investors for a period of 10 years.

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