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Armchain is self-regulating gun control platform.


Armchain aims to develop a decentralised, self-regulating gun control platform. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology we can reshape how the the current gun control and trafficking systems work, without making any drastic changes to the underlying laws and regulations.
Current systems for gun control are for the most part centralized hubs. All inquiries are collected by the central database which is maintained by a single organization. Leaving the database with extremely low fault tolerance, since it has a single attack and human error point in data management.

Blockchain brings a new improvement to the system without changing the current gun control laws, making it more robust, easier to maintain and a lot more secure, using a decentralised ledger. Armchain aims to use this power to perform background checks and help track the flow of weaponry.

Armchain platform consists of two equally relevant parts, defined as “on chain” and “off chain”.
On chain part of the platform is in control of gun and user registry, focused on security and immutability. Any changes or entries to the registry are governed by the rules of the smart contract, written on the Ethereum network. All operations on the Armchain platform require ARD tokens, burning them in the process.
Off chain part of the platform focuses on user experience, data and cost efficiency. Privacy is of great importance on the Armchain platform. Any public information on the blockchain is cryptographically secured, providing access to delicate information only to those with proper clearances.

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