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Acex is a gamut of products that integrate the power triad of Blockchain, AI, and IoT. We are currently in the process of building an exchange integrated with our Payment Gateway.

With Acex as a trading platform, we enlist suitable, legitimate currencies after significant reconnaissance and technical analysis with the goal of enabling cross-crypto trading (e.g. you can buy Ethereum Classic with Dash), without restricting them to a specific trade market (BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, etc). We strive to achieve this with the incorporation of a robust trading engine that has been designed with precision to administer a tremendous load and the capability to scale up and down as per the demand of the situation.

A multinational presence and a strategic and compliant release plan will ensure that Acex helps empower its users with a seamless and inclusive experience for cryptocurrency trading.

Integrated Payment Gateway
AceX proposes an integrated payment gateway within the exchange so that the users are not only able to hold their coins but also spend them at their will with technologies like NFC and printed coin currencies. This ensures high liquidity on the platform.
With the printed currencies, AceX gives its users the ability to physically hold currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin through Hardware Security Modules. These modules (like credit cards) will give users a familiar feeling of making payment hence facilitating wider adoption.

Portfolio Management
Due to an inadequate knowledge of cryptocurrency trading, people enter the crypto world with an apprehension of using it as a means for earning money.
AceX has got it all covered. AceX doesn’t rely completely on bots for portfolio management. Human experts use intel that is derived from the quant bots and years of experience in accordance with the data while making investments.
AceX has a rapidly flourishing team of human experts to help users manage their portfolio for a small fee from their profits. These experts are data-driven and have well built context in technical and fundamental analysis.

Open Audits
AceX is world’s first open and entirely transparent cryptocurrency organization obligated with the release of financial balance sheets. Everyone is allowed to audit AceX at any given point in time.
AceX is the world's first financial institution that is legitimately transparent but administered on a system that enforces predefined rules. Immutability ensures that anyone auditing AceX at any given point in time will comprehend data that is verifiable.

Open ICO Platform
ICO or Initial Coin Offering is similar to an IPO or Initial Public Offering. An ICO enables thriving ideas to be crafted into realities through a crowdsourced fund-raising in exchange of tokens (coins) or securities (similar to shares in a company).

AceX allows great ideas to bloom and raise funds after thoroughly researching all viable aspects such that the users are spared the agitation of separating the legitimate from the fraudulent.

AceX greatly believes in the revolution that blockchain will bring forth. With the advent of companies appearing to develop blockchain related products, majority raise funds through an ICO.
It is difficult for the common man to completely comprehend the definite technology beyond the claims that the companies assure and the level of reconnaissance required to ensure the legitimacy of the founding/developing team.

With scams and non-valuable coins in the market, there’s a lot of chaos present that can be curbed down through a well-researched analysis (both Technical and Fundamental) to enlist only coins of value on a unified platform.

AceX has a team of experts which are undisclosed and uninfluenced. Only the founding team has communication access to this panel of experts.

A standard procedure is skilfully defined for the preliminary short-listing of good ICOs from the substandards, which is followed by a test round in which the shortlisted ICOs are required to produce a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the enlisted product. The winning ICOs are filtered and AceX accords seed fund for further development. There is no limit to the seed fund. Only after the alpha release, the ICO is enlisted for a pre-sale and public sale on the AceX platform, ensuring the users with paramount quality and assurance.

The funds raised from the ICO are withheld by AceX and are released upon successful completion of milestones, hence keeping a tab on further development.

AceX aspires an all-inclusive and harmonious platform for a veracious Deconomy - viz. Decentralized Economy.

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