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The blockchain strategy of world companies.
The blockchain strategy of world companies.
I have introduced some industries that are compatible with blockchain with two examples in my blog.In the United States and China, research and development on blockchain are...
26 Mar 2019

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Through my university studies on international development and poverty and through my own fieldwork, I have recognised that there are many problems to be solved worldwide.

Countries around the world are currently working on solving problems such as: poverty, inequality, conservation of the global environment, declining birth rates and aging populations.

As a manager of a major apparel company in my previous job, I was working on solving these problems through CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities.

While I was aware of the limitation of what I could do as an individual, I started focusing on blockchain technology. Through the experience and knowledge gained from my previous job, I now utilise blockchain technology and ICO with the aim of realising world peace and solving international problems.

The possibility of blockchain is infinite. I am certain that blockchain technology can play a significant role in solving problems in our daily lives and improving standards, in many areas such as: entertainment, politics and finance.

I am now an expert on blockchain, ICO and STO. I hold workshops and manage projects providing solutions and consulting.

The awareness and knowledge of blockchain and crypto-currencies are still low in Japan. It is my mission to disseminate the information and raise awareness.

Don't hesitate to contact with me.

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