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08 Nov 2019 Benchy
Benchy Health Index - Real Estate
ICObench announces the new Benchy Health Index for Real Estate.Cryptocurrencies are already transforming the financial sector. By providing a real estate solution they would make...
07 Nov 2019 Norm Bond
29.3% of Americans Believe U.S. Dollar is Backed by Gold — It Isn’t
A new survey confirms around 30% of the U.S. public thinks that the dollar is backed by gold. In 1971 the ability to convert US dollars to gold ended. The Bretton Woods system...
07 Nov 2019 Benchy
Quote by Samson Mow - Сrypto Сhronicles
«China’s National Development and Reform Commission has removed #cryptocurrency mining from the list of industries they want to eliminate. Bullish for #Bitcoin » — Samson Mow,...
06 Nov 2019 Benchy
New KYC Verification
Dear Benchers!We are happy to announce New KYC Verification services!Comply with identity verification regulations for you and your project. Verify your identity with KYC. Powered...
06 Nov 2019 Benchy
Quote by Mike Wasyl – Сrypto Сhronicles
«... the U.S. dollar is fairly in the lead, but it's definitely a wake-up call to governments of the world, including the U.S., to keep a closer eye on the digital transformation...
05 Nov 2019 Benchy
Quote by Peter Schiff – Сrypto Сhronicles
«Bitcoin holders won't sell as they believe they'll get rich when #Bitcoin moons. Bitcoin whales get rich by selling now to realize their paper gains before a market crash wipes...
05 Nov 2019 Benchy
ICO Market Weekly Review #44: $76M raised
Hello Benchers! ICO Market Weekly Review #44 is ready! Overall, during the end of October and the first days of November, it was raised almost $76M where $14.6M belongs already to...
04 Nov 2019 Benchy
Crypto Chronicles: Weekly Quote #44
Dear Benchers!Today we would like to share a quote from The People’s Daily, state-run Chinese newspaper: “Blockchain’s future is here but we must remain rational. The rise of...
04 Nov 2019 Benchy
ICObench Weekly Digest #44
Dear Behchers!  ICObench Weekly Digest #44 is ready!The total crypto market capitalization surged over 40% to reach a high of $267 billion. Approximately $77 billion was injected...
02 Nov 2019 Benchy
Benchy Health Index - Banking
ICObench announces the new Benchy Health Index for Banking.Banks were outwardly hostile towards digital currency. However, the widespread adoption of blockchain-based technology...
01 Nov 2019 Benchy
Quote by Mario Draghi - Сrypto Сhronicles
“With every form of digital money, customers should be identified using a standard that is just as strict as that which banks and other obligated entities are required to apply...
31 Oct 2019 Benchy
Happy Halloween 2019!
Dear Benchers! Happy Halloween!Especially for Halloween, we set up Horror Prices! Don't miss your chance to order ICObench Services with 70% off! Check all the available services...
30 Oct 2019 Benchy
Quote by Jack Dorsey – Сrypto Сhronicles
«Nothing within Libra had to be a cryptocurrency to do what they wanted to do» – Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO
29 Oct 2019 Benchy
ICO Market Weekly Review #42-43: $637K raised
Hello Benchers! ICO Market Weekly Review #42-43 is ready! The IEO & ICO market performance in October is terrible. Overall, for the past two weeks, it was only raised almost...
28 Oct 2019 Benchy
Breaking News: China to launch digital currency “DCEP”
Dear Benchers! Breaking news! People’s Bank of China is launching its own digital currency “DCEP”.According to this tweet, the Chinese Central Bank will launch a digital currency...

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