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25 Sep 2018 Suzat Fernandes
Why Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Are Not A Bubble
History has the habit of repeating itself. Humans are constantly evolving, we have seen great innovations in the past 50 years from modern machines to air travel, the evolution of...
25 Sep 2018 Ong Jun Hao
Ripple’s team consist of many from the finance industry and they have been actively seeking our partnerships. Right now, they have almost 100 commercially deploying...
24 Sep 2018 Shebin John
How to analyze an ICO?
Hello All,Sorry for not writing any post for the past few days. Been busy with programming.Today let’s dive into a more general topic of how to analyze an ICO.For any ICO,...
24 Sep 2018 Ong Jun Hao
Where will Bitcoin head?
Will Bitcoin drop to $0, or would Bitcoin hit $20,000 by the end of this year? After some research, I have found an answer that I hope would satisfy you.So, what is a bubble?...
22 Sep 2018 Clemen Chiang
Will it Moon ????
How to generate profit from a cryptocurrency exchange?The only question you need to ask: WILL IT HAPPEN?I have taken a look at the Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange...
21 Sep 2018 Benchy
Hottest events with ICObench
Great news! We picked some of the hottest events from the Blockchain industry! If you are interested in being present ICObench can provide you with the following...
21 Sep 2018 Benchy
Read ICObench project analysis on Binance Info
ICObench and Binance Info are working together on building a crypto project rating database to provide users with more than 1000 rating reports.Binance Info is a comprehensive...
17 Sep 2018 Paresh Masani
My thoughts on the future of Quantum Computing vs. Cryptocurrencies
As technology keeps developing and improving, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology are becoming more popular and see new applications created around them every day....
14 Sep 2018 Shebin John
ICO Analysis: Alchemy Coin
Today we are going to do an analysis of Alchemy Coin based on a request from a reader who doesn’t want to be named.Before starting my article, I would like to...
14 Sep 2018 Sydney Ifergan
ADGM Sandbox 3rd RegLab Cohort selects 10 firms
Abu Dhabi Global Market represents an esteemed International Financial Center based in the UAE. The organization embodies 3 independent authorities including Financial Services...
10 Sep 2018 Benchy
Use ICObench in your language and join the global community!
Many people would be surprised by how many people actually don't speak English. As we are growing and moving towards the overall improvement of our system, we have added a new...
10 Sep 2018 Dmitry Danilov
In this new trust-based world, one exchange just lost everyone's confidence
CoinEx pulled a bait-and-switch on thousands of registered accounts directly harming the trust built in the communities of Truegame and other participating projects.In mid-July,...
10 Sep 2018 Clemen Chiang
Bitcoin, will it spike?
To the moon…Since 2010, Bitcoin had spiked a total of seven times. Spiking up ranging from 5X to 500X; whereas spiking down above 90% for two out of the three bear runs. Is...
10 Sep 2018 Oliver Isaacs
What Should Advisors and Investors Look At When Analysing an ICO or STO?
Conducting an ICO is an excellent method of raising capital for a project that requires a native cryptocurrency or token to function. But how do advisors and investors spot the...
09 Sep 2018 Sydney Ifergan
This is How Blockchain Technology Can Boost your Profit in Banking
Every sector is transforming by technology in the digital economy and has led to massive changes. The banking sector is no different to this. Banks have positively adopted the...

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