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19 Aug 2018 Lobreau Serge Maurice
Empowering National Wealth with Distributed Consensus
 Over the last several years, I’ve traveled to so many truly wealthy countries, rich not only because of their natural resources, precious metals, oil, gas etc., but...
17 Aug 2018 Benchy
ICObench is 1 year old
It‘s been a year since the first ICO was published on ICObench.We have reached over 4,100 ICOs published on our platform and have about 60,000 users altogether. We want to...
17 Aug 2018 Vlas Lezin
CryptoAssets: Traditional Finance in Building a Better Coin
When we hear a narrative about crypto from major financial institutions, it seems to always boil down to the same question: “How can we fit crypto into the world of...
16 Aug 2018 Shebin John
ICO Analysis: InfraCoins
Today we are going to look at a new ICO called InfraCoins.IdeaAccording to what they have said in the website, it is just a project based on listing real estate as well as...
16 Aug 2018 Jeremy Khoo
VCs can make sense of ICOs. ICOs can make sense of VCs.
In this piece, I share my thoughts on the subject of VCs investing in ICOs. I come from the angle of discussing how it would make complete sense for a VC to participate directly...
16 Aug 2018 Sydney Ifergan
How Can Stock Exchange Industry Benefit from Using Blockchain Technology?
The finance sector is experiencing a lot of seismic transformations at present, along with fintech proving to be a substantial disruptor. Further, given the amount of money and...
16 Aug 2018 Shebin John
Source: we are going to know about a new project HelixHills.IdeaI started to know about this project...
16 Aug 2018 Joseph Lowe
My Most Recent Interview on The Current State of Crypto in the U.S.
Hello Benchers!Below, is the transcript from my most recent interview from Davis Bourland, an accomplished professional who is currently completing his MBA with the Frankfurt...
16 Aug 2018 Joseph Lowe
Don't Listen to Crypto Hindsight Prophets
The Prophets are all saying «see, I knew it, extinction level event for ICO's and crypto». It's the same people who always tell you «the end is coming, the end...
12 Aug 2018 Sydney Ifergan
The Impact of Blockchain Technology in Audit
The blockchain is no doubt a disruptive technology. However, it’s implications for the market aren’t completely understood yet. Here’s how blockchain could...
11 Aug 2018 Shebin John
Telegram Users Beware!
Source: is one of the most used chat service in the ICO Field. And where there is volume like that,...
11 Aug 2018 Vladimir Nikitin
Cryptocurrency market (trends)
What happens to the cryptocurrency market in 2018?More than 7 months in 2018 and a trend for the first half of the year — the bearish market. Various crypto influencers said every...
10 Aug 2018 Nikolay Shkilev
Comparison of ICOs 2017 vs ICOs 2018
Main tendencies and ways of development.ICOs raised more money in the first three months of 2018 than the whole of 2017.But... there is an accurately traceable tendency: the...
10 Aug 2018 Igor Karavaev
The Current State of the ICO Market (April 2018)
Pessimistic forecasts prove wrong as the hype keeps growingIn 2016, investments in ICOs started out at $95 million spread across 43 projects. Last year saw 210 ICO projects raise...
10 Aug 2018 Alexandr Chevtaev
How to evaluate an ICO project to invest (Part 1 of 2)
«Easy money, Lambo, moon, I get X100 and quit my job» Wait, wait, wait… Crazy times are gone, but still ICO seems to be a good opportunity to invest.Today if...

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