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26 Nov 2018 Expert Opinion
Expert opinion by Miruna-Maura Bărbulescu for ICO Market Weekly Review #34
The biggest challenge for ICO owners right now is to find proper funding for their project through bearish market conditions. Investors are reluctant with their current...
26 Nov 2018 Expert Opinion
Expert Opinion by Gaurav Areng Chakraverti for ICO Market Weekly Review #34
When I was first requested to write this piece, the overall theme revolved around the current cryptocurrency market. I then realized the majority of the...
26 Nov 2018 Benchy
Gift for Singaporean Community from ICObench - 3 Tickets to BlockShow Asia 2018 [Only for people in Singapore]
Win an attendee ticket for BlockShow Asia 2018 from ICObench! This contest is only for those who are or will be in Singapore and plan to attend this event. The tickets are...
21 Nov 2018 Expert Opinion
Expert opinion by Luke Szkudlarek for ICO Market Weekly Review #33
The crypto space has cooled off for many various reasons and the market cap is likely to decrease over the next few months, perhaps even a year. Here are some of the trends that...
21 Nov 2018 Expert Opinion
Expert Opinion by Eleftherios Jerry Floros for ICO Market Weekly Review #33
STO Security Token Offerings are on the RiseAt the Malta Blockchain Summit 2018, the talk of the town was STO and the gradual transition from ICO to STO.ICOs were represented...
21 Nov 2018 Expert Opinion
Expert opinion by Anthony Manfre for ICO Market Weekly Review #33
ICOs have been experiencing a bear cycle but investor appetite still remains, albeit with much more caution and selection. Investors are better at understanding the fundamentals...
20 Nov 2018 Gregory Snelgar
How ‘Proof of Work’ Can Revolutionize the International Commerce Supply Chain
The global supply chain has become extremely complicated, as manufacturing is increasingly outsourced overseas to countries such as China and Japan. Despite the globalization of...
19 Nov 2018 Schafer Geb. Scheier Lydia
Decentralized metaverses: why it's not scalable virtual world
A metaverse is a virtual world that users can extend by adding objects and scripting them to provide interesting applications. This user-extensibility contrasts with games, where...
19 Nov 2018 Gregory Snelgar
The State of the Japanese Blockchain Industry
Historically Japan has without fail imitated all technological trends originating from the West- and made them even better. They made automobile manufacturing more efficient. They...
18 Nov 2018 Schafer Geb. Scheier Lydia
What is bad ICO for me and other experts?
Indicators of unclean ICO:— There is no product— There is no pilot team— There is no good packaging of a product— There unclear jurisdiction— Weak...
15 Nov 2018 Dmitry Danilov
Sharding is a game changer in the blockchain technology
Lately there’s been a lot of talk of sharding technology in crypto circles. Striving to make an advanced blockchain-based project, Truegame’s team decided to...
15 Nov 2018 Benchy
BlockShow Asia 2018 is coming! Get your ticket with 30% discount!
We are happy to announce that ICObench, an official sponsor of the major blockchain conference BlockShow Asia 2018, offering 30% discount for our community.Use...
14 Nov 2018 Giacomo Arcaro
2017 has been a crucial year for the blockchain universe and the crypto world. In mid-December, Bitcoin exceeded every previous record by almost surpassing the $ 20,000 threshold...
14 Nov 2018 Expert Opinion
Expert Opinion by Luca Cotta for ICO Market Weekly Review #32
The ICO market in the last two years has seen its market grow exponentially and despite a series of negative news or a slightly declining of the...
14 Nov 2018 Expert Opinion
Expert Opinion by Timo Trippler for ICO Market Weekly Review #32
I work as an advisor for fundraising and talk to institutional investors every day. Nowadays the bear market and mostly negative PR in main stream media doesn’t help to...

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