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03 Dec 2018 Expert Opinion
The next up and coming trend of Security token
The ICO market is currently slow right now because of the bearish market. Many institutional funds and retail investors have lost more than 80% of their cryptocurrency assets...
03 Dec 2018 Expert Opinion
The future of blockchain in areas different from financial industry
In these hard times for cryptocurrencies with market experiencing successive price fall throughout November, ICOs seem to lose investors' hype. The lack of ROI for VCs seems to...
03 Dec 2018 Clemen Chiang
The Growing Popularity And Worth Of The Initial Exchange Offering
The Initial Exchange Offering is a new approach to crypto-banking that is slowly catching the interest of ICOs and traders across the world. This new system provides a different...
03 Dec 2018 Clemen Chiang
How to participate in an ICO Public Sale?
The idea of taking part in an ICO public sale can be both daunting and exciting for those that are new to the world of cryptocurrencies and trading. There is often the notion that...
03 Dec 2018 Clemen Chiang
The Growing Threat Of Un-Authorized Crypto-Mining In Crypto-Exchanges
There was a time when crypto-mining sounded like a great option for those with the tools to succeed. If the market was right, there was the potential for some profit. The problem...
01 Dec 2018 Karnika Yashwant
How to Prevent your Protocol from Ending up in a Coffin?
Is Your Protocol A Puzzle?As I was planning the tech areas of an upcoming Enterprise ICO (eICO), the nagging topic of “protocol” came up. The advantage of a protocol is that it...
29 Nov 2018 Gregory Snelgar
If the Public Blockchain Knows Your Password, Why Can’t the Public Know Your Password?
Surely the public blockchains need to know what your password is in order to confirm that it is correct? But then, couldn’t someone figure out your password by looking at the...
28 Nov 2018 Clemen Chiang
Which Crypto Companies Are Pushing Forward Towards IPO?
Initial public offerings are something that many in the cryptocurrency market have talked about, but there has been little action. There are some companies that see the potential...
26 Nov 2018 Expert Opinion
Expert opinion by Miruna-Maura Bărbulescu for ICO Market Weekly Review #34
The biggest challenge for ICO owners right now is to find proper funding for their project through bearish market conditions. Investors are reluctant with their current...
26 Nov 2018 Expert Opinion
Expert Opinion by Gaurav Areng Chakraverti for ICO Market Weekly Review #34
When I was first requested to write this piece, the overall theme revolved around the current cryptocurrency market. I then realized the majority of the...
26 Nov 2018 Benchy
Gift for Singaporean Community from ICObench - 3 Tickets to BlockShow Asia 2018 [Only for people in Singapore]
Win an attendee ticket for BlockShow Asia 2018 from ICObench! This contest is only for those who are or will be in Singapore and plan to attend this event. The tickets are...
21 Nov 2018 Expert Opinion
Expert opinion by Luke Szkudlarek for ICO Market Weekly Review #33
The crypto space has cooled off for many various reasons and the market cap is likely to decrease over the next few months, perhaps even a year. Here are some of the trends that...
21 Nov 2018 Expert Opinion
Expert Opinion by Eleftherios Jerry Floros for ICO Market Weekly Review #33
STO Security Token Offerings are on the RiseAt the Malta Blockchain Summit 2018, the talk of the town was STO and the gradual transition from ICO to STO.ICOs were represented...
21 Nov 2018 Expert Opinion
Expert opinion by Anthony Manfre for ICO Market Weekly Review #33
ICOs have been experiencing a bear cycle but investor appetite still remains, albeit with much more caution and selection. Investors are better at understanding the fundamentals...
20 Nov 2018 Gregory Snelgar
How ‘Proof of Work’ Can Revolutionize the International Commerce Supply Chain
The global supply chain has become extremely complicated, as manufacturing is increasingly outsourced overseas to countries such as China and Japan. Despite the globalization of...

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