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10 Jan 2019 Vladimir Nikitin
Cryptomarket 2019
This is my first post in 2019.All last year we saw the fall of the crypto market. What will we see this year? I'll share my thoughts. Last year, regulators from many countries...
28 Dec 2018 Sydney Ifergan
5 trends in the crypto market to watch out for in 2019
With 2019 just roundthe corner, crypto pundits have started forecasting about the trends and possibilities to watch out in the coming year in the crypto world.The crypto scene...
27 Dec 2018 Benchy
Partnership with new exchanges
ICObench is happy to share the lastest news with Crypto and Blockchain community!Discovering the demand of successful projects to cooperate with top crypto exchanges we are...
27 Dec 2018 Expert Opinion
STOs are coming to step in and provide a genuine, legally sound, long term fundraising method for startups
Crypto Winter keeps bringing its chill to the ICO market, with all demand numbers weakening, while the supply side keeps growing, even if slowly. Blockchain related projects are...
27 Dec 2018 Expert Opinion
Unpredictable future on ICO Market in 2019
This year has not been kind to the Crypto industry. Despite an overall downturn, the last quarter of 2018 has been particularly difficult. Part of this was a necessary correction...
27 Dec 2018 Expert Opinion
An opportunity to open the door to the new world with ICOs
In a few days 2018 will be over. Looking back at this year, the crypto market turned out to be experiencing a big decline since 2017's enthusiasm. This decline wraps the industry...
27 Dec 2018 Expert Opinion
The role of marketing agencies in ICO market
Projects owners have ideas but cannot reach their investors. Here a new market arises from these projects. Mark Twain once said: During the gold rush it is a good time to be in...
27 Dec 2018 Expert Opinion
The new era 2.0 for investors in ICO, IEO and STO
Now is very difficult time for all crypto market. But I can clearly see massive manipulations in this space from whales. I see big OTC offers only from Buyers and all try to find...
14 Dec 2018 Sydney Ifergan
Crypto gurus share top tips to choose an exchange in the wake of rising trading volumes
Crypto pundits have advised to checkthe security measures, liquidity quotient, rangeof coin offerings for trade and trading fees before signing up with a crypto exchange.Good news...
13 Dec 2018 Expert Opinion
From Bull to Bear and back? The Current State of the Market
From Bull to Bear and back? The Current State of the MarketAs all of you undoubtedly know, cryptocurrency has been in a downward spiral. Almost as quickly as the bull came into...
13 Dec 2018 Expert Opinion
Goodbye ICO, Welcome STO: Can Security Token Offerings be a new way of crowdfunding?
Goodbye ICO, Welcome STO: Can Security Token Offerings be a new way of crowdfunding?After over 2,000 tokens and several billion dollars raised through it, the era of Initial Coin...
13 Dec 2018 Benchy
Special discount for Singapore ICOs
Dear friends!As a result of our participation in BlockShow which took place in Singapore, we received a huge number of contacts and positive feedback from various projects. At the...
05 Dec 2018 Sydney Ifergan
Blockchain Technology Disruptive Technology for Voting in Political Elections
Blockchain technology is becoming a point of attraction for those who are looking forward to political elections.This technology can secure the voting system.  The uncertainty in...
04 Dec 2018 Miruna-Maura Barbulescu
Four Tips To Identify a SCAM ICO
As the crypto industry is slowly heading towards mass adoption through high volatility and many other challenges, the emergence of projects undergoing ICO (Initial Coin Offering)...
03 Dec 2018 Expert Opinion
The crypto market is going through the same cycle as the traditional financial markets
Many people start to panic when they see crashes in the crypto markets, but volatilities are part and parcel of any markets. The crypto market is in fact, going through the same...

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