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18 Mar 2019 Shehzad Khan
Revolution of CryptoCurrency Exchanges
There is many big exchanges now a days and developing. While we can see how much Binance having huge marketcap, and Upbit Exchange and many centralized and Decentralized exchanges...
13 Mar 2019 Yoshika Ishikawa
13 Mar 2019 Yoshika Ishikawa
Current situation of Japanese companies and blockchain
In my previous article, I mainly talked about the blockchain events in Japan in 2018.There is no doubt that those events raised awareness of the Japanese people towards...
12 Mar 2019 Expert Opinion
The rise of security tokens is considered by many a safer investment option
In late 2017 and early 2018, we observed an ICO frenzy, as the crypto sphere received media exposure towards the masses.However, because most projects did not provide a...
12 Mar 2019 Expert Opinion
I still believe that the revolution will be tokenized
Like every hype industry in the history, Blockchain curve is very similar to others like dot com, AI, VR and AR, where after hitting all times high the market goes down until...
12 Mar 2019 Nozomu Nakazato
The Tokyo Olympics and blockchai
The Tokyo Olympics will be held in 2020 in Japan.I do not know how much it has been reported outside Japan, but until recently the ticket resale problem has attracted great...
12 Mar 2019 Yoshika Ishikawa
Blockchain situation in Japan in 2018
The word «blockchain» is becoming familiar in daily life in Japan; we hear the word through various media such as: TV news, social networking, economic newspapers and so on. Even...
12 Mar 2019 Nozomu Nakazato
12 Mar 2019 Yoshika Ishikawa
2018年 日本におけるブロックチェーン事情
12 Mar 2019 Norm Bond
Avoid These 7 Deadly Sins That Will Scare Away Your Investors
Whether you're planning a private sale, pre-sale, public sale or fire sale you need to realize raising capital is not easy. With the growth of scams, shitcoins and security...
11 Mar 2019 Yoshika Ishikawa
2018 Japanese ICO reviews
2018 Japanese ICO reviews Recently the regulations against ICO in each country are getting tighter. The situation is similar in Asian countries, and the country is strengthening...
11 Mar 2019 Nozomu Nakazato
Out of the Cradle
Although 2018 was not the most successful year for ICOs, there have been some good developments in the industry. Firstly, with the rise of Malta and Estonia, the laws have become...
11 Mar 2019 Nozomu Nakazato
08 Mar 2019 Clemen Chiang
You need a strong heart for this market?
March is here. How is the market performing?Let’s start with the US stock marketLast Monday, Spark Therapeutics (ONCE) stock spiked 120% in 1 dayafter an M&A announcement that...
08 Mar 2019 Expert Opinion
The current state of the ICO market and what direction are we heading in?
The current state of the ICO market and what direction are we heading in?The ICO landscape has changed considerably over the last year. In 2017 and part of 2018 the ICO market was...

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