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28 Aug 2018 Miikka Saloseutu
10 Reasons why Blockchain Technology is the Future
At its core, blockchain is the continuation of the internet technology, a slowly marching behemoth that is gradually yet persistently...
28 Aug 2018 Paul Mears
What to look for in an Initial Coin Offering
And what I think represents a useful “Expert’s assessment”Who are the team and what is the legal entity ?Many ICO contributors tend to...
27 Aug 2018 Giovanni Casagrande
How to find ICO’s Potential Investors
Initial Coin Offering have reformed gathering pledges. Be that as it may, conveying a fruitful pitch for an ICO is no simple...
27 Aug 2018 Marin le Corre
I see a future with Asset Tokenization!
Tokenization of assets on Blockchain and Smart contract is a solid trend of 2018. It seems that everything intend to be tokenized from Art,...
25 Aug 2018 Shebin John
ICO Analysis: CBDoken
Source: I am going to analyse CBDoken. This review has been...
25 Aug 2018 Clemen Chiang
The 3 Best Written White Papers for ICO
Here's the break down so that you know how to spot one!Cryptocurrencies are taking the world of financial technology by quite a storm. And...
24 Aug 2018 Benchy
ICO Market Weekly Review is now available to everyone
We have processed and organized a huge amount of data for this report to show you the ICO market and its community’s widely differing sides...
23 Aug 2018 Simon Chan
More people named Dave lead FTSE 100 company than Women or Ethnic Minorities
Did you know? There are more CEOs named Dave and Steve than there are women CEOs on the FTSE 100? The ethnic minority count is even worse!...
22 Aug 2018 Benchy
Bookmark an ICO and stay informed about its new ratings
We have been working on making your experience more convenient on our platform.To improve the process of following your favorite ICOs we...
21 Aug 2018 Benchy
ICObench community: the overall improvement
For the last several months we have been working on reforming our expert community and on the overall improvement of our system. We have...
21 Aug 2018 Simon Chan
ICOs: The future of venture capital? Introducing the Power Snooker ICO
2017 will go down in history as the year that Cryptocurrencies shook the world. Bitcoin started the year priced at $963 per coin. By the...
21 Aug 2018 Sydney Ifergan
The Capability of Blockchain Technology in Disrupting the Cloud Storage
A distributed cloud-storage involves a P2P decentralized cloud storage solution. It safeguards your files, both in transmission and on the...
21 Aug 2018 Andrey Sergeenkov
10 Insights From Investors About How They Evaluate ICO Projects
In 2017–2018, some of the most conservative and prudent players in the entire economic system entered the blockchain industry:...
20 Aug 2018 Giovanni Casagrande
Cryptocurrency and ICO Scams, How you can Identify
Dozens of recent cryptocurrencies launch every month, and alongside these new tokens and cash comes a chain ofinitial coin offerings...
20 Aug 2018 Alexandr Chevtaev
How to evaluate an ICO project to invest (Part 2 of 2)
Ok, you decided to put some money in ICO and planning to “do your own research” on a project (DYOR) as a smart guy. Some money,...
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