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25 Apr 2019
STOs, IEOs and Other Trends in Blockchain for 2019
Blockchain was probably the most fashionable technology of 2018. Just recall when British company On-line Plc decided to add the word...
24 Apr 2019
As The IEO And STO Trends, The ICO Remains A Beacon Of Hope For Non-Conventional Independent Start-Up Projects
Before the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, much of the promise the Wild West represented was utterly out of reach for most...
25 Oct 2018
Time Can Be a New Type of Currency
No one can argue that time is something that irrevocably disappears with every moment. This is clear and understood by everyone. But, alas,...
08 Oct 2018
13 PR Ideas for Generating Media Opportunities for an ICO
There is a big problem in the field of ICO and blockchain as a whole — startups need media publications, but there’s just no...
21 Aug 2018
10 Insights From Investors About How They Evaluate ICO Projects
In 2017–2018, some of the most conservative and prudent players in the entire economic system entered the blockchain industry:...
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