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Shebin John

Advisor, Ambassador, Consultant, Strategist, Computer Engineer and Programmer

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30 Oct 2018 0 0 81
ICO Analysis: Electrominer
Today we are going to look into Electrominer. One of my friend Guilherme Mück asked this review.Idea“ Electrominer is a...
23 Oct 2018 0 0 136
Codecademy: Introduction to Blockchain | Part 2
A few days back I wrote an article on Codecademy’s Introduction To Blockchain Part 1This is the follow up to the previous post...
10 Oct 2018 0 0 291
Codecademy: Introduction to Blockchain | Part 1
This week we are going on a learning spree. Recently Codecademy started their Introduction to Blockchain Space, and I wanted to...
24 Sep 2018 1 4 702
How to analyze an ICO?
Hello All,Sorry for not writing any post for the past few days. Been busy with programming.Today let’s dive into a more general topic...
14 Sep 2018 2 1 656
ICO Analysis: Alchemy Coin
Today we are going to do an analysis of Alchemy Coin based on a request from a reader who doesn’t want to be named.Before...
04 Sep 2018 1 0 280
ICO Analysis: HiHealth
Today we are going to review about Hi:Health a medical project in the Blockchain Space. This time I have also added another...
25 Aug 2018 1 0 242
ICO Analysis: CBDoken
Source: I am going to analyse CBDoken. This review has been...
16 Aug 2018 2 0 225
ICO Analysis: InfraCoins
Today we are going to look at a new ICO called InfraCoins.IdeaAccording to what they have said in the website, it is just a project...
16 Aug 2018 0 0 183
Source: we are going to know about a new project...
11 Aug 2018 1 0 401
Telegram Users Beware!
Source: is one of the most used chat service in the ICO Field....
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