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28 Mar 2019
P2P Global: Decentralized Peer to peer network
Introduction: P2P Global network is here to address financial issues that cause unemplyement . P2P specializes in solving this problem and...
27 Mar 2019
HighBank: One-Stop Crypto Ecosystem
HighbankHighBank provides in and out crypto solution to all the people who are into Crypto world. From past few years we have seen alot of...
23 Mar 2019
Bither Platform: Three-Layer Solution With Multi-Mining Capability And Optimizing The Energy Consumption
Bither presents an entirely new platform based on a synthesis of several methods. By introducing Merged-Mining (Multi-Mining) capability...
21 Mar 2019
IPO vs ICO vs STO: How they are different from each other.
IPO (Initial Public Offering) is a traditional way of buying stocks of a company. And as the term initial mean fist time in history of...

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